Saturday, 19 December 2020

Feeling fortunate in the current odd times. And a bit of personal nostalgia.

We’re in an odd state of limbo. We don’t know what’s going on with Brexit - except that it will not be fun, no matter what kind of spin Bumbling Boris puts on it. And we’re getting Christmas sorted but with the possibility still hanging over us that someone might turn around and say it’s all cancelled and there can be no mingling. 

But that’s pretty much the way the year has gone since this pandemic started. And each time I hear yet another report of families simply not having enough money to feed their children I thank my lucky stars that we are not having to go through that. We might be waiting for an invitation to get vaccinated and we might be facing rising food prices but at least we can get by.

Italy has not quite cancelled Christmas. They are going into a nationwide lockdown but in stages: “The whole country will be under “red-zone” lockdown on between Christmas Eve, and 27 December and then again between 31 December and 3 January and 5-6 January, when Italy celebrates the feast of the epiphany.” So there will be no big family meals on Christmas eve and no New Year’s Eve celebrations but maybe they can manage to have their presents from La Befana for a slightly belated Epiphany celebration.

Some people say our Mr Johnson is not saying NO CHRISTMAS because they are afraid people will ignore the rules. How is it the Italians, supposedly much more hot-headed than we are, are expected to obey the rules?

Meanwhile government is officially on holiday - unless something happens to alter our state of limbo, in which case they will all be recalled! We shall see!

Now, the other day in Uppermill I saw a little black Citroen 2CV trundling along the main road. I thought for a moment that it might be the one parked in the back streets of Delph village but it looked to be in better condition. And it had a luggage rack affair fixed onto the boot. I checked on the Delph one this morning - no luggage rack and decidedly the worse for wear. Only one of its windscreen wipers has a blade and there are dents and bumps on the bodywork. Altogether a rather sorry affair. The one I saw out on the road looked well cared for. 

Briefly it crossed my mind that I would like to recapture my youth and drive a well cared for 2CV around but I would really only want to drive it around our villages and only at quiet times. I suspect that driving such a vehicle on busy roads and motorways in heavy traffic would be extremely nerve-wracking! 


I guess I’ll stick to my bike and and Shanks’s pony and continue to go only to local easily-accessible places. 

And now I’ll get back to my list of things to do if Christmas is going to happen in our house. 

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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