Saturday, 26 December 2020

And Boxing Day. Things could be worse!

 It’s Boxing Day. 

Do people still give “Christmas Boxes” to the milkman, the coal-man, the paper boy, the postman, et al? I doubt it. It’s one of those things I remember from  my childhood - my parents sorting out tips for tradesmen. But then you knew your delivery men; they weren’t anonymous Amazon drivers. I think some companies still give Christmas bonuses, although I suspect that these days the bonuses go mostly to those who are already quite well paid! 

It’s Boxing Day, all the sales ads are appearing on social media - online sales start today. In many parts of the country actual in-the-shops-sales will have to wait until non-essential shops are allowed to open again. And even where they can open, I don’t think we’ll see crowds of people pushing each other out of the way in the fight for bargains. Or maybe we will!

Enough cynicism!

Anyway, Boxing Day here is dull and damp and rather cold. Officially it’s a good 6 or 7 degrees warner (no, less cold) than yesterday but the damp makes it feel colder if anything. Still it could be worse! In parts of Bedfordshire people have been advised to leave their homes as there is danger of the Great Ouse flooding. Storm Bella is approaching! Just imagine! Coronavirus, Brexit, Tier 4, no Christmas ... and along comes a flood warning!

And across the Atlantic, in Nashville they’ve had an exploding camper van, fortunately with minimum injuries. As far as I know, nobody has claimed responsibility or offered an explanation. I am afraid that Phil and I both had the same black humour reaction; on hearing the news we looked at each other and both said, “Perhaps it’s Walter White!” (Breaking Bad character who cooked crystal meth in a Winnebago, for the uninitiated.)

It’s Boxing Day and I am off the make Christmas Dinner leftovers soup. A traditional Boxing Day activity. There was a lot of food yesterday, most of which was eaten but there is a strong possibility that we might be living on dessert for the next few days. Another traditional activity. So it goes!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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