Thursday, 25 November 2021

Winter is coming! But the sun is shining. Finding Roman remains.

It’s another crisp, bright day. The weathermen are suggesting that we might have snow by the weekend, or at any rate cold rain. Not so good. Crisp cold can be dealt with. Wet cold is just miserable. 

There’s a section of my running route (when I run round the village rather than along the Donkey Line) where they resurfaced the lane a couple of months back. Maybe as a consequence, or maybe not, ever since then there has been water flowing from a driveway and across the roadway, just waiting for the cold weather so it can freeze. And this week it has been partially frozen. The edges are just piles of soggy leaves, quite safe to run through, but anyone running down the middle might inadvertently end up skating! We went to a walk in the sunshine in the late morning and the ice was still there. 

And what I think of as deep cold has not arrived yet. The millponds are not frozen and the ducks are not skating. That’s what happens in deep cold. But the muddy paths through he wooded area is hardening up nicely.  

Ever since reading this article about the discovery of a Roman mosaic floor under a farmer’s field in Rutland, I have decided to keep my eyes open for odd bits of pottery. After all, we have Roman remains around here, with Castleshaw fort just up the road. Just think, if it had not been for lockdown, the people who discovered the mosaic might not have gone for a walk and spotted odd pottery. If the farmer’s son had not had the IT skills necessary to investigate the area they might not have looked any further. A lockdown benefit!? How amazing! Somehow I expect to hear about new discoveries of Roman remains in Spain and Italy but I had rather thought we had found all our own British Roman stuff. 

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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