Monday, 29 November 2021

Christmas lights!

Three houses just a little bit further up and across the road from us have attached small Christmas trees to the front of their houses. They’re lit up every afternoon as it goes dark - a bit of (too) early Christmas cheer! They’re the sort of trees that all the shops and cafes and so on in the village centre will be adorned with over the next week, ready for the big switch on, organised by the “Light Up Delph Committee”. I’ve no idea when the lights will be switched on but I guess illumination is imminent.

They were busy putting up lights in Dobcross centre the other day when we walked through. Dobcross is always very picturesque. It’s one of the advantages of having the main square on the top of the hill - small but very picturesque with some buildings still confusing labelled as the establishments they used to be - the bank and the butcher’s shop, whichh even goes so far as to have a model pig and model sides of beef and strings of sausages in the window. They always do the Dobcross Christmas lights very well, though: a veritable fairyland!

In Barcelona I understand that residents are getting a bit cross about a huge star being added to one of the spires of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church. Read all about it hereThe church has always been a bit of a controversial thing, especially as nobody really knows quite how Gaudi planned to complete it. Personally I really like it. Those who live near it must find all the tourists a bit of a pain though. It’s a.ways hard to live close to a tourist attraction. 

As for us, we won’t be decorating the exterior of the house for Christmas. I often wonder what the electricity bills are like for those who cover their homes with flashing lights. Our Christmas tree, small and modest, lives in a pot in the garden. Assuming we can dig it our from under the snow, it will come inside in a few weeks time, ready for the smallest grandchildren to help me decorate it.

There has been no more snow but a lot is lying around making pavements a bit tricky. Nothing daunted, we have been out and about admiring the views. 

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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