Sunday, 14 November 2021

Boats or ships? Out and nostalgically about.

I looked out from our balcony this morning and saw a huge boat in the harbour. This was the boat a couple of our friends were arriving on. 

I went out running as usual, only to find that my usual bread-shop was closed … again!! Does she open later on a Sunday? I avoided the expensive and snooty bread shop and went elsewhere. The bread was moderately satisfactory.

Later in the morning we walked down to meet our friends off the boat. They told us that we’re not supposed to call it a boat. It’s a ship! Apparently! Okay! 

They have been on lots of cruises but now they’re a little disillusioned with the various rules and regulations, all Covid-related. They’ve decided not to get off at Gibraltar when they get there as they will have to have a rapid-flow test. This would cost them almost £60. Is it worth it for the chance to go and buy some cheap booze?

We walked up to the Castro, somewhere they have not visited before on previous cruise stop-offs to Vigo. This suited us fine as we wanted a nostalgia trip. On our very first visit to Vigo, back in 2007. We walked up to the Castro in the broiling sun, stopping for water in a cafe half way up. On the way down we took refuge in the De La Salle bookshop, not realising it was a purely Christian did have air conditioning though!

Today we had a quick drink at the cafe up at the Castro and the  walked back down to the harbour for lunch at the Rosalía Castro restaurant. A good time was had by all.

We’ve been doing nostalgia walks over the last few days, in between sorting out our suitcases to comply with Ryanair weight limits. The other day we walked up to A Guía, again in the sunshine. It might well be the last time we go there as we are unlikely to be at that end of town again. But you never know! So here are a few photos.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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