Sunday, 9 June 2019

Getting rid of spiders and other nuisances!

It seems to be large spider season again! I have removed two in the last couple of days. I am, in fact, a spider catcher extraordinaire, using the tried and tested glass and postcard method. This morning’s large spider, body about half an inch long and legs to go with it, seemed very angry at being trapped in a glass. You could almost hear him hissing as he scrabbled against the side. Ignoring his protests, I unlocked the back door and walked to the bottom of the garden to throw him out, hoping to trick him into not being able to find his way back in.

Back inside, I was unable to find the back door key. It was clearly one of those days! Obviously the thing had bounced out as I opened the door, which is always a bit stiff in damp weather. There is the added problem that we only have the one key. Presumably we started out with two and lost one long ago. (Memo to self: get a second key cut and put it in a safe place for emergencies such as this!) So we needed to locate this one. After hunting, without results, in the likely places close to the back door I decided the time had come to investigate the bag of paper and cardboard waiting to be put out for recycling next Tuesday. No luck on the first cursory inspection! So I went into more detail, looking into the Weetabix packet and the cardboard biscuit box that contain other smaller containers. And there it was!

As I said, one of those days. Even the weather is odd.

I ran round the village in early morning sunshine, disposed of the spider a little later when the cloud had moved in, debated whether or not to hang the washing out to dry and felt spots of rain. Once the washing was draped around the house, the sun re-emerged. Not for long though. Before we knew it we had a hailstorm! And now the sky is trying to clear again.

So much for Flaming June!

Mind you, I suspect I am having a better day than some.

Cocaine user Michael Give is still in the news. Here are some comments:-

“In 2014 Michael Give’s education department passed a new code of conduct that included disqualification for teachers convicted of possessing class A drugs like cocaine.
So snorting coke makes you unfit to teach but fine to run the entire education system!”

“Thank goodness Michael Give is only admitting to the serious criminal offences of possession o class A substance rather than necking a can of Marks and Sparks mojito on the train. There’d be hell to pay.”

I wondered what had provoked his admission. Then I discovered that Owen Bennett had revealed it in a new book.

So there are no lies, just a bit of omission. Until forced to reveal all.

Some Tories have gone on about what an unconservative thing taking drugs is to do. Really? I remember reading years ago that the offspring of the privileged classes, educated to be adventurous, were probably just as likely, if not indeed more likely, to try drugs than working class kids.

Anyway, it does not seem to be making him give up the idea of becoming PM, and he is trying to get his campaign back on track. I read that “Gove dismissed as “foolish” the idea that American authorities could ban a prime minister from entering their country, even though some UK citizens have been stopped from going to the US after admitting to having taken drugs.
He acknowledged he was “fortunate” not to have been sent to prison. Asked if he should have gone to prison, Gove said: “I was fortunate in that I didn’t, but I do think it was a profound mistake and I have seen the damage drugs do. I have seen it close up and I have also seen it in the work that I have done as a politician. That is why I deeply regret the mistake that I made.”

We shall see! Some things can’t be caught in a jar and thrown over the garden wall!

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