Saturday, 3 July 2021

Rain! The craziness of the world!

It’s a good job we went adventuring yesterday as today the forecast rain has arrived and looks as if it’s set in for the day. Having said that, the cloud cover must have grown thinner as the day has become brighter … well, marginally! We shall see!

I’m hoping for the return of fine dry weather by Tuesday, my eldest granddaughter’s birthday, as she and I have plans for a longish walk with her dog, as she has the day off. We need a bit of weather-witchery!

We had to confess ourselves a little disappointed with our chips yesterday lunchtime. It is possible that the chippy is suffering from a drop in custom because of the roadworks that have closed the main access road into Diggle. People on a lunch break are not making the long detour to get to the chippy but are presumably going elsewhere. Consequently the chips are hanging around keeping warm a bit longer than is really good for their quality. The fish was as good as ever but then, the fish are always freshly fried when you place your order. It would be a shame if the small business were to go under because of a road-widening scheme! All this because of the construction of the new secondary school, replacing the decrepit old building in Uppermill!

Meanwhile covid-confusion continues in and around education. Parents are confused and teachers are getting the blame. Classes are being sent home and parents are protesting but when it comes to sending classes home to isolate, all the teachers are doing is following the guidelines. It is to be hoped that things will be better in September. It doesn’t look as though the summer break is going to be much of a break either:- 

“School leaders will be expected to oversee test and trace for pupils infected a week after the end of term, while those in secondary schools will need to administer teacher-assessed A-levels and GCSEs next month. That includes the appeals process over grades, which will need to be done urgently for students applying for university or sixth-form college places.”

Mind you, appeals over grades always went on. When I worked in sixth form colleges it was generally accepted that most of the staff would be in college on A-level results day and beyond to congratulate successful students and to help disappointed students sort out their university places. It’s just all going to be more complicated this year. 

Presumably at some point a new kind of “normal” will be established.

Here are a few examples of the oddness of the world. First of all, female soldiers in the Ukraine apparently being made to march wearing high heeled shoes. Surely even quite sensible court shoes are not the ideal footwear to accompany army uniform. I’m just surprised they don’t have to carry matching handbags.

Then there’s disappointment at Scotland’s “Tough Mudder” being cancelled at the last minute because of covid. The “mudder” is apparently a sort of obstacle race, involving being dunked in icy water, crawling through mud and other such pleasant pursuits. People do this for pleasure?!

And finally, for a longer read, the story of a French woman who discovered that she was officially dead. Even going out of the house, when covid restrictions allowed it, was fraught with tension as her ID card was no longer valid and French people are supposed to carry ID at all times. 

The world is crazy!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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