Sunday, 25 July 2021

Immigration. And Brexit. And supermarkets. And weather.

On The World this Weekend on BBC Radio 4 they are talking about illegal immigration and specifically about the small boats continuing to come across the Channel. Boats laden with refugees arriving on beaches used to be something we associated with Mediterranean countries. Last year 8000+ people arrived on our south coast. This year it looks like being 22000+. Imagine bow desperate you must be to set off across that stretch of water in a flimsy boat, especially with Priti Patel determined to stop you.

We’re planning to play France a while load of money to cooperate with us in stopping the journeys. How much easier would it have been if we were still in the EU and could argue for EU cooperation. A bit late now!

Then there’s the problem of the shortage of lorry drivers, which is being blamed on the pingdemic but which some lorry drivers themselves say is a result of Brexit. Here’s a link to an article saying that Labour needs to start agitating for Brexit to be reversed.

Hmm! Can it be reversed? Certainly not just with a click of the fingers. We shall see. 

Meanwhile here’s a post from Richard Burgon MP:

“A Health Secretary who tells people not to cower from the virus.

A Prime Minister who says let the bodies pile high.

129,000 people have died from this virus. We need a government that does everything to protect its people, we have one that treats them with contempt. Vile.”

So it goes.

I went to our local Tesco again yesterday - twice in one week after months of not going near. It was not very crowded. Most people wore masks. And the shelves were not empty. Maybe we’ll be all right. 

Here it’s quite a nice sunny Sunday. It’s cooler than it has been but we’ve not have the promised torrential rain. Maybe my writing this will provoke said rainfall. Other parts of the country have had more dramatic weather. In Hampshire they have had houses burn down after being struck by lightning. So it goes. 

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone! 

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