Friday, 16 July 2021

Chippy Hike but no chippy! Another bit of nostalgia. Climate change problems. And restoration work.,

 On a Friday we often go on what has come to be called the Great Diggle Chippy Hike. Today our primary school teacher daughter and her children were not able to participate as her class bubble burst earlier in the week and she has to self-isolate. But as it’s such a nice day we decided to set off anyway. My brother-in-law came over and he, Phil and I took ourselves off up the hill to Dobcross and down the other side to Diggle.

And there we found the chippy closed! There has been a death in the family and they will be closed until July 27th. They’ve not had a good 12 months. They had to shut for a while because of covid. Then work started on the new school, involving road widening to cater with the expected increase in traffic but incidentally causing a road closure. Custom from casual lunchtime passersby decreased. And now they have closed for almost two weeks for family reasons. Not a good time for them. We hope they come successfully out the other side.

So there we were in Diggle, at lunchtime, without the chippy. We considered the pub previously known as the Hanging Gate, now just The Gate. It’s across the Road from the chippy and they serve food but today they too were closed. What was wrong with this Friday! In the end we walked along the canal towpaths to the Brownhill Cafe, at the junction, neither in Dobcross nor in Uppermill. 

This used to be the Brownhill Visitor Centre, a tiny little museum of sorts, full of interesting bits and pieces from around the area, stuffed animals and old photos and suchlike. It used to be a favourite place to go for our children when they were small. For a long while it stood empty and then an few years ago it was revived as a cafe, serving brunch and coffee and cakes. Now it has a licence and can serve wine and beer as well. 

So we ordered cheese, pickle and apple sandwiches, eggs Benedict, and side servings of chips, with good old-fashioned dandelion and burdock and ginger beer. A nice change from fish and chips by the duckpond. And then we walked home along the Donkey Line for a cup of coffee.

Our daughter declared herself very jealous of our walk. She is already a little stir crazy from having to stay at home. So it goes. 

We have had a lovely sunny day. According to one of the news analysts our good weather is part of the same system that has caused torrential rain and flooding in parts Germany and Belgium. The news footage shows horrific sights of houses simply washed away by flood water. I cannot imagine the feelings of those suffering that devastation. This is not just a matter of drying out and cleaning up but the whole house gone, all your belongings, all your family memorabilia. Those things can’t be replaced.

Parts of North America are burning up with forest fires. The Amazon rainforest is said to be producing more carbon dioxide than it is saving. Climate change seems to be running rife. It’s definitely time for a concerted global effort to put things right.

This morning I saw this headline about something being put right: “Restoration work wipes smile off the face of Dutch vegetable seller”. My first thought was that it might be another messed up painting, like some of the “restorations” that have taken place in Spain in recent years. But, no, that was not the case. It was a painting that had been “improved” years ago by changing the serious expression on the face of the stall holder, giving her a charming smile. Now restoration work has given her back her serious, business-like face. Here’s a link to an article about it.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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