Friday, 2 July 2021

A quick late post!

A short and late post today.

Well, Labour has hung onto Batley and Spen in the by-election. Not by many votes but a win is a win. And some pundits are staying this has saved Keir Starmer’s political career. Keir Starmer himself says it means “Labour is back”. We shall see. 

The news is also full of Michael Gove getting divorced. In whose interest is it for us to know this is going on or that Mr and Mrs Gove remain friends? 

Over in Canada they’ve been pulling down statues of Queen Victoria and our current queen. It’s all to do with treatment of indigenous children in the past. Why did we ever feel that it was necessary for people who had their own way of life should conform to our way of doing things? I suppose you could put it down to ignorance in the past. That doesn’t explain why we still seem to think our way of doing things is the best. And some of those indigenous children were still being sent to those schools in Canada as recently as 1996. 

And when people hold their hands up at the toppling of statues, we should remember how pleased we all apparently were when the statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2003. A precedent was set. And the example has been followed quite a lot recently. 

We’ve been largely ignoring all of this news stuff. Today being a fine and reasonably sunny day, despite a predicted 15% chance of rain, we went off on a family Diggle Chippy Hike. The hike having been successful we came back and spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden. All in all, not a bad way to spend Friday. 

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone! 

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