Monday, 15 February 2021

Temperatures - and other things - on the rise. Some things not working. A spot of sentimentality.

Today has seen a decided rise in temperature from last week, just as the weathermen predicted. It felt almost springlike when I went out running this morning. And so far it hasn’t started raining, in fact, we’ve even got some blue sky and sunshine. The snow had mostly disappeared and the snowdrops in my garden have reappeared. Good news!

According to people who know these things, the demand for detached houses has risen during the pandemic. Those who can afford to do so have decided that working from home demands a bigger space and presumably a bigger garden to exercise in if they find themselves having to isolate and are not supposed to leave the house. How have they managed to go around looking at these larger houses during this time of not being allowed to go anywhere? Our daughter has had her house on the market for a while now and in between lockdowns has managed to have only two people come and look at it. She is pretty much resigned to staying where she is for the time being. 

Another thing that has seen an increase it seems is the sale of big knickers. “The size of our knickers waxes and wanes, but lately they have waxed. The global shopping platform Lyst noted that searches for “comfy” and “high-waisted” underwear went up 46% in December, while searches for “full briefs” on the M&S website have risen in lockdown. Agent Provocateur, which does what it says on the box, has had a 35% increase of sales in high-waisted knickers over the last six months.”

I have long thought that only the very skinny young can really get away with tiny bikini-style knickers but maybe that’s just a sign of my growing older. Sale of “control pants” (the modern version of the kind of corset my mother’s generation used to wear, I suppose!) has also gone up. “Now, of course, large, tummy-sucking pants are worn by everyone from Jacinda Arden (two pairs at once) to Robert De Niro in The Irishman and every Kardashian, Jenner or Karen in between.”

How odd! Comfy pants in lockdown I can understand but something that squeezes your tummy into shape seems a bit of unnecessary masochism.  And did De Niro wear them in The Irishman to make himself look young and slim? And did it affect his acting ability? I don’t think so.

According to this article the planned quarantine hotel system is not working well because there appears to be no separation of passengers on flights from hotspot countries and those from other places as they go through security.  

Oops! Doesn’t that mean there is potential  contagion?

And here’s yet another report of a business planning to move to Europe because of all the “teething problems” of the Brexit deal.One government minister said something about how good things will be in ten years time. Ten years is a long time for small businesses to wait.

But all is not totally hopeless. The royal family remains as fertile as ever and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced that they are expecting another baby. The sentimentalists have already started finding coincidences and  feel-good stories:-

“Harry and Meghan have almost followed in the footsteps of the duke’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, whose pregnancy with Harry - her second child - was announced on February 13 1984, hitting the front pages on February 14.”

I feel a sentimentality overdrive coming on!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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