Friday, 5 February 2021

Innoculation -stage one! Out and about. Finding a dry-ish path. Some fashion advice and ranting.

 Well, that’s that. Or at any rate that’s the first stage of that. We have now been given our first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. Here’s hoping we have mild or, even better, no side effects. We have received a little card saying when we were vaccinated and what they put into us and I have noted in the diary ten weeks from now that if we have heard nothing more I should ring our GP. 

It was very misty in the valley when I went running first thing, usually a good sign but you never know around here. In fact it has turned into a beautiful day. It would have been a perfect day for a Diggle Chippy Hike, as my brother-in-law proposed, but the timing of our vaccination appointments got in the way. So it goes.


Yesterday we decided to take a walk up Lark Hill, aka The Quarry Road. 


We’ve not walked it for a long time as it has been so wet and soggy. The surface had been very badly eroded. 


In places it’s just a muddy mess, while in others it seems to have got down to bedrock.

At the top of Lark Hill we usually carry straight on and come out eventually in the centre of Dobcross but the last couple of times that we have done so that section of the path has been a veritable quagmire. We have had so much rain and snow lately that we did not expect it to be much improved. We’ll wait until we’ve had some dry weather. 

Consequently we took a right turn at the top of the hill and followed a road which brings us out about half way along the road from Delph to Dobcross, at the point where the Old Toll House cafe (now closed) and mini garden centre (possibly also closed) is situated. It’s a rather dull and boring tarmacked road but it produced a surprisingly good photo. Well, I think so anyway!

With more cold weather forecast, I thought I might have a little rant about leggings. This was provoked by an advertisement from a company that specialises, I think, in sportswear, The company, Sweaty Betty, advertises leggings you can “live in all day” for the amazing price of “two pairs for £110”. This makes Marks and Spencer leggings look like a giveaway. Goodness knows who buys such leggings and then only wears them to exercise in. Don’t loads of women wear leggings and long tops day after day after day. Some young women, of course, wear them with crop tops, something of a fashion mistake in mu opinion, but who am I to dictate to the young.  One of my sisters never wears trousers, only ever leggings. But I bet she doesn’t pay £50+ a pair for them. 

Sweaty Betty are not alone in advertising leggings but the other adverts I have seen have been for fleecy-lined leggings. Ideal apparently for cold weather days. Here are a few examples:-


😍The most stylish & easiest solution against winter chills - Winter Warming Leggings.

Lined with ultra soft fleece 🐰which retain warmth at 35°C 🌡️

The Cashmere Company 

❄️ Do you love wearing leggings but are tired of cold legs during the winter?❄️

Our cashmere leggings are warm, comfortable and look just as great as any other pair of leggings you own! 

🥰 Stay Warm and Look Great This Winter 🥰

 Stay Warm Without Adding Extra Bulk!

 Strong Shape and Flexibility!

 Ideal for Temperatures down to -45°C!

 Showcase your curves without freezing! 

(My note: -45°C! Where do these advertisers think we live?!)


🔥🔥Keep warm and elegant in winter with the Warming Leggings.

Lined with ultra soft fleece 🐰

which retain warmth at 35°C 🌡️

I even saw one advert for very high rise leggings, leggings that go almost up to your armpits, the idea being that you could hold in the flab and present a smooth chub-free line, presumably under your crop top! The crop top being, as I have already said, a serious fashion mistake! Considering that back in the day leggings used to be referred to as “footless tights” and were worn, with leg warmers, mainly by ballerinas in training, the idea was surely never that women should walk along the street showing off their shapely, or otherwise, backsides for all to admire, or not as the case may be, looking as though they have forgotten their skirts. 

Leggings, fleece-lined or not, and a long top - perfect fashion solution! And maybe leg warmers as well! 

That’s the fashion section over and done with.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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