Thursday, 13 January 2022

Waking up to reality?

Ever since our garden was invaded by a multicoloured cockerel the other day we have been woken at ungodly hours by his crowing. Here is no sign of him, apart from his crowing, of course, but he’s clearly nearby, judging by his volume. This morning it was six-thirty when he started. Good grief! It’s still pitch black at six-thirty in the morning! Stupid bird! Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to wait until sun-up?

It was especially galling this morning as my alarm was set for about seven-fifteen, so there wasn’t a lot of time to get back to some decent sleep. I was expecting my daughter drop of her youngest off at my house at about a quarter to eight and needed to be organised. Not that he’s any bother but he is rather bossy with his encouraging cries of “(C)ome on, (Gr)anma!” In fact, he’s quite good company but not a great conversationalist as yet. No doubt that will come.

We were joined later in the morning by his older sister, the 18 year old, and we went for a walk round the village, persuading the little fellow to have a nap and confusing my Fitbit which thought I had been on an outdoor bike!

The political situation in the country continues in disarray. We’ve got beyond “There was no party” and “ I didn’t know there was a party” and moved on to “Well, there was a gathering and I was there but I thought it was a work event”. So really it was an apology for something he really felt no need to apologise for. You coudn’t make it up. Mr Rees-Mogg was being very supportive on BBC 2’s Newsnight last night and praised the PM for his “heartfelt” apology and for his excellent wok during the pandemic. 

Here’s Michael Rosen’s spoof on that:

“Dear Mogg

Much appreciated slavish backing you gave me on Newsnight. Teensy bit bothered by your calling leader of the Scotty botty Tories ‘lightweight’.   We’re trying to keep the troops together backing their centurion: remember Augustus versus Sparta.

Mutini insomnia 


Now, will Mr Mogg change his tune if the party (the political party, that is,  not the social gathering) decides it’s time for Mr Johnson to go? We shall see.

One theory I have heard is that the Conservatives will throw him out, a new leader will be elected and then they will have an investigation into the handling of the pandemic. The suggestion is that they will do a u-turn on this and decide that the hand,ing was shambolic but that it was understandable as Boris Johnson was in charge - what else could you expect, after all? 

Are the knives just waiting to cone out? Once again, we shall see.

In the meantime …

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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