Friday, 7 January 2022

Snow. The cost of decorating. And the cost of not being vaccinated.

Today we woke up to snow! It was forecast but still it’s always a bit of a surprise. Some places know exactly when to expect snow, when to expect sunshine, and so on, but here the weather is always a bit of a surprise. I decided not to run in the snow. Slithering around is not my favourite occupation. I went out later to go to the supermarket as there seemed to be a lull in the weather and, besides, tomorrow is supposed to be very wet and cold. It was not as cold out today as I expected but the cloud cover has cleared as the day has progressed and it could well get colder tonight. There’s plenty of slushy stuff around just waiting to freeze! 

Much of last night’s news programmes still seemed full of the Johnson flat refurbishment or, rather, about how it was funded. How do you spend £100,000 on getting your flat refurbished? That’s what I want to know. Here are a few Michael Rosen asides on that topic!

“Dearest Lulu

Forgive me for having to drag you through this. The interior decor police demanded I open the books! It’s the Wallpaper Stasi. Let’s hope the exposure brings you in some biz: everyone knows you cleaned up Mother Theresa’s tip.

Liberti terminatus



We made it! Like Catullus at the Battle of Marathon. Lord Gout has ok’d the 100 grand refurb because he didn’t want to say he boobed the first time. When everyone’s guilty, we’re all innocent! 

Corruptio permanentus 


“Dear Brownlow

V. sozz, had to spill beans on Great Exhib proj. We had a good thing going: you pay for refurb, I get you audience with Oliver Dowdy, you top up party coffers. Now Ange, the single parent is all over it. We’ll get through this, amigo!

Lucre et lucre et lucre


There you go. I even looked up the style consultant on the Internet. I can’t say I was impressed. Maybe my tastes are too economical. 

The other big topic on the news seemed to be Novak Djokovic. His mum has been getting very outraged at her son being locked up in a quarantine hotel. 

Newsthump has this to say: “Novak Djokovic's latest room service order includes a large poster of Rita Hayworth and a small rock hammer.”

Australia’s home affairs minister has dismissed any suggestion that the tennis player is being held “captive” in a Melbourne hotel, declaring the world No 1 is free to leave the country whenever he chooses.

In Serbia, however, there are protests going on. His father has promised that a rally will be held every day until Djokovic is released.

And Australia’s ambassador in Belgrade, Daniel Emery, was summoned to the foreign ministry and urged to make personal efforts to assist Djokovic. The ministry said Australia had acted in bad faith towards the tennis star.

“The Serbian public has a strong impression that Djokovic is a victim of a political game against his will and that he was lured to travel to Australia in order to be humiliated,” it said in a statement.

Oh dear! Maybe it’s time to start calling him the “Tennis Playing One” or the “Sports Star One”, if it weren’t for the fact that he doesn’t seem to being treated significantly differently to other sports people trying to get into  Australia.

On a more serious note, it’s now one year since the storming of the Capitol in the USA. Watching footage of it on news reports last night I was struck by how many of those storming the building were filming the whole proceedings on their mobile phones. What a strange world we live in!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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