Saturday, 15 January 2022

Slippery times!

It was a fine frosty morning when I went out this morning. We had some fine Magritte-inspired skyscapes.

On the lane which leads down to the old millpond there was a huge sheet of ice. I noticed yesterday morning that workmen were setting about making barriers to prevent water running into gardens along the lane. Nothing seems to have been done to solve the problem of where the water is coming from in the first place. As I edged my way round the ice-floe I spotted a runner coming towards me at speed from the opposite direction. So I called out to her to watch out for the ice and stood back to let her zoom past me on the bit of dry path remaining; she was clearly younger and speedier than I am!

Down at the millpond the swans were visiting again, pootling around on the patches of water not at all frozen. The ice was a bit thin on the rest of the pond. It’s not been cold enough for long enough to freeze it properly. Maybe that will come.

Meanwhile, in the wider world “partygate” continues. Should he go or should he stay? That’s a question that keeps cropping up.

Here’s another Rosen statement:

“Carrie, the sands of time are lifting off, the candle is turning on the wheel of dawn. The hounds are hissing for blood. Murdoch, the Telegraph- even the holy Laura of K. are out to get me. I don’t fit. My suit doesn’t fit.

Hubris hydrangea


And another: 

“Dear staff

Your behaviour during the lockdowns was reprehensible and unforgivable. You should take your guidance from me. I am the touchstone on how to behave in appropriate ways both on a personal and political level. Heads will roll.

Executio necessitatus


A great deal of time and energy is being spent on this. When is other stuff being dealt with?

Here’s a post on social media from a wine merchant:

“Today my first full import arrived with the French Driver. I asked him about the crossing. His exact words translated were “its a f***ing mess on both sides now”. He spent 5 hours queueing on something that used to take 5 minutes. #Brexit Reality.”

That’s one of the things that needs sorting. 

But apparently the economy is doing really well. That’s okay then.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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