Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Sunshine. Cycling. Health warnings. Musicians.

The sunshine is back today. It’s nice to see the blue sky again. The river is bouncing full after yesterday’s continued drizzle and then some heavy rain in the night. No doubt it will rain on me tomorrow when the market is open again and I’ll want to cycle to Uppermill. But, hey, I’ve been rained on before!

I hear that our Mr Johnson has been out on his bike, giving rise to criticism from some quarters because it wasn’t close to home and so he probably needed to be driven there to get his exercise. People have been fined for doing that sort of thing! Anyway, his cycle ride led to another gem from Michael Rosen:-

“Dear Dominic 

The moaners and whingers are on about me going for a bike ride now. How else am I supposed to get away from the thing? It's teething now. And the nanny won't come near us because she says we haven't had the jab. She's foreign.  

Regis bognor non cyrille  


The experts and the government keep warning us to stay at home though. No personal interpretations of the riles to allow for a bit of extra social interaction. 

“England’s chief medical officer has said the next few weeks will be the worst of the pandemic as he urged everyone to minimise meeting people.

Prof Chris Whitty said the public should not wait for any government “tinkering” with rules but should “double down” now on avoiding any unnecessary contacts.

Pleading with the public he said: “Even within them [the rules], we should be doing our level best to minimise the amount of unnecessary contact with people who are not in our household. I can’t emphasise that enough.”

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he said the NHS was facing its “most dangerous” point.”

Basically we should try not to have to go to hospital at the moment.

Other laws are being changed or bent or adjusted as a result of our no longer being European. Here’s an example:-

“The British National Farmers' Union has applied for and obtained from the govt approval for the use of a chemical so dangerous it has been responsible for the huge decline in bee populations worldwide, and had been banned for use by the EU - in a law supported and voted for by the UK just 3 years ago, even post the brexit vote. How quickly have the Tories turned on their original promises of upholding environmental laws. Quelle surprise.”

So for a bit of short term insecticide use we have some long bee-killing. And this causes pollination problem. And without pollination  - bees being the primary pollinators - there can be no life on this planet.

But we’ve taken back control!!

Like the bees, musicians are an endangered species. Sir Simon Rattle is okay, he’s off to Berlin, ostensibly for family reasons but also because he has been somewhat let down by the British music scene. Less well-established musicians have bigger problems. And according to this article it would have been possible to come to an agreement with Europe for musicians to go on tour without needing visas but our negotiators turned the offer down, presumably because it would have meant European musicians coming here without visas. 

There seems to be a certain amount of cutting off noses to spite faces going on here.  

They’d better get this vaccination business sorted soon or 2021 will be little,better than 2020.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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