Monday, 30 May 2022

The best laid plans … Covid pops back up! Ignoring the rain.

This morning, at about the time I am writing this, our son and his small daughter should have been arriving at Manchester Piccadilly railway station. He phoned me yesterday morning to confirm times and to make sure his sister was going to collect them from the railway station. Some time later his wife phoned me, just for a chat as she was not planning to come with them, having business things to get on with quietly in their absence. The small girl, she told me, was excited about her train trip with Daddy and was busy packing what she wanted to bring with her. All good! 

We were looking forward to the visit. It has been planned for the Easter holiday and had had to be postponed because Phil tested positive for Covid19 at that time.

Yesterday our daughter and several of her offspring came for dinner at our house, as often happens on a Sunday. We were at the strawberries and ice cream stage when my phone rang. It was my son. All our remarks earlier about everyone being fine had clearly put a hex on things. His small girl had developed a cough and a bit of a fever. As she drooped during the afternoon they decided that a Covid test was in order. She tested positive! Not good for travelling on public transport. Not good for travelling at all! 

Our five year old granddaughter promptly burst into tears! She had been excited at the prospect of her slightly older cousin coming to stay. She had plans for games to play and activities to get on with. They only see each other intermittently but always get on well. When she had recovered her equanimity she set about making a card to send to her cousin. 

It seems we are fated not to have our son come and stay here! We’ll manage it eventually!

So many people, including our government, seem to have decided Covid is over and done with. And then just as you grow complacent, it comes back and bites you in the leg!

My son texted me this morning. He had managed to cancel his train tickets but British Rail are still sending him reminders about his train departure time!  Annoying! Rubbing his nose in it!

So this morning I got up and ran round the village as usual … just in the rain. It wasn’t raining when I got up but had started to do so by the time I was ready to set off. I ran anyway!

Our number two granddaughter had been planning to drop some books off at our house at 9 o’clock, for me to pass on to her older sister later in the morning. Her older sister, number one granddaughter, was due to come here with her smaller sister while their mother picked up their uncle and cousin. As the visit was cancelled, the books were not to be dropped off. Number two granddaughter was planning a long walk with a friend, catching a bus to the crossroads near our house and then walking up hill and down dale. Like me, she ignored the rain and she and her friend continued with their planned hike.

Late in the morning she called me to ask if she and her friend could pop in to make use of our bathroom facilities. All good! When they arrived, they both had wet feet, although otherwise their waterproofs had protected them well. I lent them both dry socks and fed them cups of tea an slices of cake. Eventually they went on their way, planning to catch a bus to Uppermill and have brunch there. 

At least someone’s plans worked out!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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