Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Special measures? Restrictions? Family stuff. And Santas.

New measures to help businesses, hospitality establishments and theatres have been announced today, in response to what some are describing as a lockdown by stealth. People, it seems, are cancelling bookings at restaurants to be sure they can have a family Christmas. And now the people in the supply chain to restaurants and similar places are expressing their concerns as they don’t qualify for governmental help at the moment. One seafood supplier is talking about having £1000’s worth of smoked salmon en route to him without a guarantee that the restaurants it is destined for will be able to accept it. He’ll freeze it but it will lose value as a result. Strange times! 

We’ve not booked any meals at restaurants and so we won’t contribute to the mass-cancellations. I still have to buy some of the ingredients for our Christmas lunch, which we hope will go ahead as usual. I hope our supply chain has no problems.

The PM has apparently not ruled out further restrictions before Christmas! Which does not leave much time to react if he decides to do so. In the meantime, according to this article train services are already being affected by covid-related staff shortages. Will schools be able to resume in January? Well, that remains to be seen. My 8 year old granddaughter will be really disappointed if she can’t go back to school in the new year. In fact, she’d happily go back to school tomorrow, she enjoys it so much.

In the meantime she has produced a picture of the family get together over the weekend. 

A friend of ours is involved in an organisation which picks up litter, plants flowerbeds and generally beautifies his small town. One member of their organisation posted this on Facebook today: 

“We received a special request asking if we could arrange for Ethan aged 4 yrs old to join us to litter picking as he had wrote a special letter to Father Christmas asking for a litter picker for Christmas as he dislikes all the litter in the streets. 

We thought this request was so lovely we arranged to meet him and his dad and Father Christmas in Whitaker park . Ethan was absolutely thrilled with his present and quickly got collecting  with help from Father Christmas . He had also drawn a lovely picture for us and the family had given a donation for us to purchase more litter pickers .  

He is such an inspiration if you feel inspired why not join us for a special litter  picking event on 1st January meeting on Kay street by the Post Office at 10.30 am for new and regular collectors ( as long as we are allowed) so please join us to clean up the town for the New Year.”


And to finish off today, here are some pictures of lots of people dressed up as Santa in places as far apart of Weymouth, Madrid and Venice.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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