Friday, 31 December 2021

End of year activities!

We’re rushing to the end of 2021.

Colorado in the USA is finishing the year with immense wildfires. 2021 seems to be going out with a blaze for those poor people. I didn’t think we got wildfires in December!

Many countries of Europe are facing rising numbers of Covid cases. It’s a rather muted end to the year.

So what have I done with this final day. Well, I got up and ran around the village and it didn’t rain on me. I put a load of washing in the washing machine and organised breakfast. 

As we finished a leisurely late breakfast my second granddaughter contacted me to see if I fancied a trip to IKEA with them. So, when the washing was dealt with I hopped on a bus to go to their house. 

The purpose of the IKEA visit was so that the aforementioned granddaughter could buy another bookcase to house her book collection. She determinedly reads proper books and won’t give in to Kindle. And she’d done all this properly, making a floor plan and measuring everything to ensure she could fit stuff in.

So we strolled round the store, the smallest grandchildren popping into each display bedroom or living room or kitchen, making the visit into an extended game. And we picked up odds and ends like napkins, Swedish biscuits and small toys. 

Purchases completed, we stopped off at Aldi supermarket on our way home. I wanted some of their nice bread. Ever since my Uppermill baker stopped making their rye bread I’ve missed extra nice bread and Aldi does a fine malted bloomer - whatever a bloomer is! I had had half a plan to stay on the bus to Aldi on my outward journey and meet my daughter and her offspring at IKEA. For some reason I did not do so. Mistake! In the late afternoon it seemed that everyone and their grandmothers were loading their trolleys with stacks of alcoholic drink or even actual food, as though they needed to stock up ready for a great siege. Maybe they plan to party like crazy tonight and want to be prepared for the need to self-isolate from New Year’s Day onwards. The queues at all the tills were humungous!!

But it is what it is! 

Tonight we’ll quietly welcome 2022 and hope it’s not too difficult a year. 

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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