Monday, 13 December 2021

Shopping. And travel panics.

 I went shopping with my middle granddaughter (18 years old) this morning. She wanted to get a chain repaired on a necklace belonging to her mother. This was a necklace her mother’s fianc√© had given her and which she wore non-stop … until her one year old (now two years old) grabbed it and pulled and snapped the chain. Planning her Christmas presents, my granddaughter decided to have the chain fixed. It’s not any old necklace but a Tiffany necklace. Tiffany describe themselves as “Jewellery creations of timeless beauty & superlative craftsmanship since 1837” and their stuff is not cheap.  My granddaughter had to make an appointment to see someone in their “outlet” in Selfridge’s in Manchester. No simply turning up! The trouble is she doesn’t know Manchester very well so I volunteered to go with her to help he find her destination. 

We arrived in Manchester early so that we could have time to do various other things before heading for the Tiffany outlet. Eventually we made our way to the jewellery place. They could repair the chain, they said, but it would be mid-January by the time it came back. So they suggested a replacement chain. Besides, if the wearer had been wearing the necklace for about eight years the chain would doubtless have stretched and would probably need replacing. Goodness! I never knew silver chains could stretch! I think it’s a ploy to persuade people to spend more money. 

My granddaughter opted to buy a new chain. It was rather more expensive than she has planned but she has been working for quite a few months now and is feeling generous. Besides, she has only one mother, she told me. Quite so! I think she’s enjoying being able to spend, as an old friend of mine used to say, like a wild gipsy!

Anyway, when I set off to meet her this morning I caught the bus down at the crossroads and texted her to say I was en route. When I looked up I realised the bus was not following its normal route. Minor panic! Had I got on the Oldham bus instead of the Ashton bus? Fortunately this was not so. One of the roads was closed and the bus was following a diversion. Phew! 

Returning home later, we thought the diversion must be over and done with as the bus headed for Uppermill. But no, there it turned round and followed a different diversion, giving me another minor panic! Was it even going to Delph? Or would we find ourselves half way to Oldham. But all was well. 

So we ended up at my house, laden with gifts for one and all, for hot chocolate with marshmallows for her and coffee for me.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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