Saturday, 19 September 2020

TikTok. Attitudes to vaccine and masks. Money matters. Keeping the children at home.

 It seems that thousands of TikTok users made use of the app to book tickets for Mr Trump’s Republican rally and then didn’t show up, leaving lots of shamefully embarrassing empty seats. So Mr Trump is punishing China by banning TikTok in the USA. Did China really tell all those people to do that? And is China really checking up on what all the TikTok users are posting? Can they really undermine USA security in that way?

Of course, he might have carefully thought out reasons for suspecting China which I know nothing about. Or it might just be part of his general “I don’t like China” thing. But I prefer the story about the deliberately empty seats at the convention.

I must have mostly quite sensible friends on social media as I have not seen any anti-vaccine posts even though it seems that the numbers of such posts have been growing almost exponentially. And the theories that abound there are quite crazy. Vaccines, some say, are a form of population control. And one post apparently promotes a film which blames the outbreak on big pharma, Gates and the World Health Organization, and warns that wearing masks is dangerous because it “literally activates your own virus”.

Crazy people!

Around here we see a variety of masks and face coverings. There is a story going round about a man who wore his pet snake wrapped around his face by way of a face covering. Also crazy. And I saw a lady last week, a lady who looked to be of my generation, who was dressed in a shiny green velvet coat, almost ankle length, and a shimmering face-mask in a coordinating colour. I was most impressed and almost went to ask her where she got her mask from ... but decided not to intrude. I do appreciate a good bit of coordination though!

I have gone on a bit recently about the silly amounts of money some people earn. Angela Raynor also went on in parliament about how much the Prime Minister earns per hour - far too much for a Prime Minister so rarely seen, in my opinion. Today I read about a billionaire, one Chuck Feeney, who made his fortune from a duty free shopping empire, who has just successfully given all his money away. It seems he had tried the rich life style, fancy houses here and there and did not take to it. Years back he broke his connection with the duty free shopping empire and set up a foundation to give his £6billion fortune away to good causes. And now that money is all gone and, aged 89 and living quite frugally in rented accommodation, he is happy to have managed to carry out his plan during his own lifetime. He advises other mega-rich people to follow his example. Apparently he is Bill Gates’ hero!

Some people still seek riches or, if not riches, at least titles and status. I came across the story of Delphine Boël who successfully fought a seven year legal battle to prove she was the daughter of Albert II, the former king of Belgium. Now she wants to be able to call herself the Princess of Belgium and to be addressed as Her Royal Highness. Her father does not agree. She would also like to call herself Delphine Saxe-Coburg. Wow! Some people are a bit obsessed with status! It’s rather like going back in time. I wonder if other people will be impressed, assuming, that is, that she wins the right to use the title.  The courts will decide some time next month.

Presumably we will also find out some time next month whether there is to be a further national lockdown. In the meantime some parents, contrary to all those who could not wait for their children to go back to school as teaching them at home was so difficult, have opted to continue with home-schooling. In some cases it’s because their children are asthmatic or have some other condition that makes the parents wary of putting them in potential contact with the virus. In others it’s because they have found that their children have actually made great progress being taught at home on a one to one basis. And yet others have realised how much they have enjoyed being with their offspring and have adapted their lives accordingly, even if it means they earn rather less money. Another bit of uplifting, heartwarming news!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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