Wednesday, 9 January 2019

On democracy and the name of the month!

On the lunchtime news on the radio I heard the Prime Minister berating the leader of the opposition for not having a clear plan for what he would do about Brexit. A certain amount of pot calling the kettle black seems to be going on. The lady who appears not to know what she is doing criticises a gentleman for apparently not knowing what he would do if he were in control.

I have heard suggestions that in the event of the vote on the deal going against her, the PM should use her powers to push the deal through anyway. Is that really possible? Does she have such powers? Isn’t it like POTUS signing presidential orders without letting Congress debate the idea first?

Another suggestion is that an election should be called for immediately after March 29th, Brexit Day. Quite what the advantage of that would be remains a mystery to me. However, if Cameron can institute a proceedings and then walk away and leave others to deal with the consequences, maybe May can do the same.

Is this the new Tory style of democracy?

Some are suggesting that democracy is breaking down, not just here but all over the place.

In our case, maybe the Queen should step in, dissolve Parliament and declare herself an absolute monarch!

That would give everyone something to think about!

Or something to moan about anyway!

On the moaning front, we have Dryanuary - the resolve not to drink alcohol throughout the month of January.

And there is the counter-move: Tryanuary, the suggestion that people should remember that, like dogs, pubs are for life, not just for Christmas, and that publicans still need to make a living - so for a drink for goodness sake!

We mustn’t forget Veganuary - the resolve to be vegan throughout the month.

After my husband declared today that he had no more serious social commitments for the rest of the month and, therefore, plans to drink less alcohol, eat less chocolate and fewer biscuits, and to get more exercise, I decided to create a new nomenclature - Miseranuary!

Masses of people seem determined to make January as miserable as they can for themselves. I include our politicians in this as the dreaded VOTE is due to take place next week. All sorts of misery could ensue!

As for me, I have my birthday in this month and have decided it should be Happyanuary! But maybe that’s just my terminally cheerful personality. There was an occasion in my teaching career when someone, a member of staff not a student, kind of snarled at me in the corridor, “Why are you always b****y smiling?”

I wonder what all these New Year’s resolutions turned into strange month-names would be if the year began with March instead of January.

Just a thought!

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