Thursday, 17 January 2019

Mistakes of one kind and another.

Well, Theresa May managed to rally the troops to vote for her in the no confidence question. Now what will happen. She seems to be quite pleased with herself.

One thing you have to say for the Conservatives is that they rally round when faced by the possibility that another party might get in. They are like a grumpy family, the members of which fight like cat and dog but who present a united front when threatened from outside.

As to what happens now, we are none the wiser. Opinions fly around - all sorts of different opinions.

Theresa May appears to be trying to win round MPs individually by having loads of separate meetings. But Jeremy Corbyn won’t meet her, unless, that is, she promises that NO DEAL will not be considered.

And so it goes on. All very disturbing!

Ah well, other things are still going on.

Snow is forecast for tomorrow. This may be because we plan to catch a train to Newcastle tomorrow although I don’t really think the weathermen take our plans into account. If it does snow, no doubt all sorts of chaos will ensue.

It has been cold enough today for the ground to be frozen solid in preparation for tomorrow’s snow. Otherwise, it has been a splendid winter’s day - crisp and cold and sunny!

On the bus today I saw a notice about fares going up. About halfway down the notice it said, “A summary of changes are below”. Now, around here you get used to people confusing “was” and “were”, mostly using “were” for both possibilities. But I did not know that it was usual to confuse “is” and “are”.

Mind you, I once had a friend who never said “I’m not” but always said “I aren’t”!

It is possible to do strange things with the English language.

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