Friday, 20 January 2017

What goes around comes around!

Things have a way of coming back to get you. They have found a bomb in the river Thames. Near the Houses of Parliament at that! Not an act of terrorism, however, this is a leftover from World War Ii. All those years of sitting around in the mud and they find it now in 2017! I wonder how they discovered it. Did it start to tick? That's what bombs do in cartoons, after all.

A couple of bridges were closed, as were underground stations near that bit of the river, but tourists still went to have a look. There's something about a dangerous situation that attracts people. Think of all the people who go and look at the big waves at the seafront whenever a storm is reported. Inside us all there seems to be a little something that wants to say, "I was there!" My little something is very small indeed. I have grown sensible apparently!

It is by no means the first time that old bombs have been discovered. In February last year they evacuated the area around Victoria Station in London when they found an unexploded bomb, also from the second world war. And in May they found one under a school playground in Bath. Hundreds of people had to spend a night in a shelter set up at the racecourse. In November they did a controlled explosion in Portsmouth, of yet another second world war device, messing up cross-Channel ferries and causing the evacuation of parts of the city. They are finding our bombs in Germany as well. 54,000 people had to leave their homes in Augsburg at Christmas when they discovered a 1.8 tonne British bomb.

I do not remember any of these things being reported in the papers at the time. There must have been too much more interesting stuff going on.

What a dangerous place the world is! Clearly we all need to be careful how deep we dig in our gardens!

But let us not get downhearted. The sun has found its way back to the North West today.

I have discovered that pink is going to be THE colour for men's fashion this year. Here's a link to some photos. Somehow I don't see the men in my life wearing any of these but that's how it goes.

And, this being inauguration day, the papers have even more stuff about Trump, indeed all the Trumps. And so I learn that all the Donald's wives have been fashion models.

At least he is consistent in something!

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