Wednesday, 18 January 2017


I don't tweet or twitter myself but here are some twitter-tweet reactions I found to Theresa May 's speech outlining her Brexit plans:

  •  "I want access to your snooker club but I won't pay for entry. I'll need to borrow your cues. And I want to play pool instead"- T. May 
  •  "I do not seek membership of Shoreditch House but seek the greatest possible access to it." 
  • ‪#TheresaMay‬: "I wanna break up because I hate you" EU: "If that's what you want" Theresa: "But like we're still best friends right?"‪#Brexit‬ 
Who'd be a politician, eh?

But I suppose she can take comfort in appearing in the American edition of Vogue. This is happening in April, I understand. According to stuff I have read, our Prime Minister 'has been very open about her love of fashion and a recent article in Vogue praised her bold fashion choices, including leopard-print kitten heels and statement jewellery, saying she was already “pushing the boundaries of prime ministerial attire.”'

Maybe if it all goes truly pear-shaped on her she can join Sam Cam in her fashion venture!

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, someone is having difficulty organising an inauguration. The Bruce Springsteen cover band set to perform at Donald Trump’s upcoming presidential inauguration has cancelled its performance out of “respect and gratitude for Bruce.” I did wonder, when I first heard they were performing, how someone who as enough of a Springsteen fan to make a tribute band could even consider playing his songs at a Trump event!

Maybe they should just skip the razzamatazz and declare him president quietly. However, I think someone who has a golden lift in his tower wouldn't like to do it that way.

Is there a special term for fear of not being given enough attention?

Here are some nice phobia words I came across:

  • Eremophobia - fear of being alone. It comes from the same root as "hermit", someone who actually chooses to be alone. 

  • Brontophobia - fear of thunder. From the Greek for thunder. A brontosaurus was a thunder lizard! how good is that? 

  • Kakorrhaphiaphobia - surprisingly, not the fear of unpronounceable words but fear of failure. The Greek word kakorrhaphia means a clever or devious plot or plan, derived from kakos, meaning bad or evil. There you go! 

  • Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes. The root for this also gives us the very pleasing word ophiomorphic, meaning "snakelike in form". 

That's enough of that. i am beginning to develop phobophobia - fear of developing an irrational fear of phobias.

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