Monday, 17 April 2017

What politicians say!

Our politicians have apparently been broadcasting Easter messages. Well, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have done so. “Easter is a moment to reflect, and an important time for Christians and others to gather together with families and friends,” said our Prime Minister. She went on to talk about "the opportunities ahead – the opportunities that stem from our decision to leave the EU, and embrace the world – our shared interests, our shared ambitions and, above all, our shared values can and must bring us together.”

This from a woman who actually voted to remain in the EU. But that is water under the bridge now. Alistair Campbell criticised her for suggesting that God would have voted to leave.

Even Jeremy Corbyn seems to have brought religion into the picture, talking about how we need to face up to the problems that face us: "we need to respond to these problems head on, through action and support for social justice, peace and reconciliation. Those principles are at the heart of Christianity. And Christians throughout the world will this weekend be remembering Jesus’s example of love and sacrifice, and the Easter message of redemption and peace.”

I am a little disturbed by all of this. First of all, when did our political leaders start sending out Easter messages? I suppose some spin doctor told them that sending a message on youtube is the modern way of doing politics. And when did it become part of the British way to link politics and religion so obviously. Alistair Campbell is supposed to have said during he Blair years that "we don't do religion".

Will we soon find every political speech ending with "God bless the United Kingdom" and school children obliged tonstart the day with an oath of allegiance?

Meanwhile despite all this religious feeling that seems to abound, a face-off still seems to be going on. Here is a link to an article by the excellent Paul Mason, reminding us what nuclear war is all about.

 Where will it all end?

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