Friday, 21 April 2017

Things going on in my world!

It seems as though the madness of the modern world continues: a terrorist attack in Paris last night. Isis has claimed responsibility but we have reached a point where we cannot be sure that such an attack is part of a large organisation's co-ordinated nastiness or a random individual working on his own. This one had been charged in the past with attempts to attack the police. But whatever the reality of the situation Isis have claimed it. Individual attacks still spread the fear.

One of the French presidential candidtes was reported in last night's news to have said that we have perhaps to accept such terrorist attacks as part of modern city living. And France has had its share: Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice and now Paris again. The mayor of London apparently said something similar some time ago and received a whole lot of criticism for doing so. No doubt this French politician will also be criticised. And yet, there is truth is what they say. And accepting that it is part of modern life does not mean giving in. Accepting is perhaps the wrong word; acknowledging is better. But we have to make sure that life in our big cities carries on despite the fear. Otherwise the terrorists have won.

Despite the fact that Marine Le Pen and at least one other candidate said they would not be campaigning today, the last day of campaigning before the first round of the election on Sunday, she has been accused of dirty dealing. French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron has accused his rivals of using the killing of the police officer yesterday to score political points. This, of course, might well be true.

Meanwhile, back on our side of the channel, things go on in a rather chaotic fashion. The prime minister is reported to be losing her staff; public relations people are leaving her. Not what she needs having called an election. Perhaps the various bits of opposition can get together and take advantage of the opportunity. However, I am not holding my breath.

As for us, well, we spent a good part of the day building a rowing machine. The instructions that came with it were confusing to say the least but Phil cleverly found a video clip on youtube which we studied and then followed carefully, step by step, comparing our reality with what was on screen.

Job successfully completed. The wonders of modern technology!

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