Friday, 28 April 2017

Trying to ignore the news!

Mixed messages about EU membership. On the one hand, there are those who say that if Scotland were to separate from the UK then they would have to reapply for EU membership, a process which could be lengthy. On the other hand, I am now hearing suggestions that if Ireland were to become a united country once more, then the it would be easy for Northern Ireland to become part of the EU through the Southern Irish membership already in existence. How confusing the whole thing is becoming!

Meanwhile campaigning for the election goes ahead here, rather stutteringly. Jeremy Corbyn won't always stick to the Labour Party script and Theresa May is accused of speaking only to halls filled with known Conservative supporters, giving a false media impression going down very well indeed. In some parts of the country opposition parties are co-operating to ensure an anti-May candidate has a better chance of being elected while in other places no such thing is even considered feasible. A little more confusion.

Even the weather is confused; days begin fine and sunny and rapidly decline into grey and gloomy. This is probably a metaphor for those of us who wake up optimistic and then hear the morning news and sink back into depression.

And so I escape into not thinking about it all. I took a friend put to lunch yesterday. We have decided that we are establishing a new tradition of treating each other to lunch on our respective birthday. And we managed to have lunch and sit and chat about old times, planned holidays, ridiculous names people give their children, books we have read and concerts we intend to go to.

 A good couple of hours without once mentioning elections or crazy politicians' endeavours to make the world a more dangerous place.

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