Thursday, 24 February 2022

Troubled times.

The weather forecast suggested snow for most of today. It was fine when I got up and so I organised myself and went for my usual run round the village - cold but dry, well mostly dry, but still rather wet underfoot. The swans were back at the millpond. There is no pattern to their coming and going as far as I can see but they are a graceful addition to the millpond. Also back was the cormorant, busily diving. Just when you think he must have got stuck down in the pondweed he pops us a few yards further over. 

At one point the sun came out. We’re approaching the end of February and the sun has some strength now. I swear the temperature must go up by several degrees when the sun comes out. I stood there for a few minutes, basking like a cat in the sunshine. I got home just in time. Five minutes later the hailstones started. Since then we have had a cycle of hail, snow, sun and cloud. And it remains cold. Time to extend hibernation, I think. 

On my way back I stopped to greet a neighbour’s dog, which was a mistake as I then had to listen to the neighbour ranting about Russian and  Ukraine and what a liar Putin is. I did point out that we too have a liar for a leader but the only Johnson lies he seems aware of are partygate lies. So it goes. We’ll have to wait and see how things go over there in Ukraine. It does not look good for anyone. Worrying times for us but frightening for the people involved in the conflict. 

According to news reports, ordinary people in Ukraine are being offered arms to defend themselves and their country. Scary stuff.

Over in the USA of course you don’t need the threat of invasion for people to be armed. And now in Tennessee they want to introduce legislation which would designate some gun owners as police, allowing civilians to carry firearms in locations usually reserved for law enforcement. Civilians could take an eight-hour handgun safety course and pay a §100 fee and so earn an enhanced handgun-carry permit. A separate law has already been passed allowing 18 year olds to apply for concealed-carry licences. Crazy people!

Shannon Watts, founder of the gun safety group Moms Demand Action, told the Guardian: “Encouraging people to arm themselves and play police puts everyone at risk while making the jobs of actual law enforcement much more difficult.”

She added: “Tennessee has the 14th highest rate of gun violence in the country, and lawmakers should be focused on passing policies that will actually make communities safer, not reckless bills like these.”

And here I am, worrying about insignificant stuff such as the weather!

On a more frivolous note, my number two granddaughter, the 18 year old, recounted a conversation she had with her small sister. The five year old had asked her what medieval times were. She explained that this was a time hundred and hundreds of years ago, to which she received the comment: “Oh, so when Grandma was a teeny, tiny baby!“ 

Hey, ho! Perhaps I will live for ever!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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