Sunday, 27 February 2022

Some thoughts about Ukraine. Life here by contrast. Odd conversations.

Two things from the group “Campaign to Rejoin the EU”:

From someone called Chris Edwards:

“Johnson does know a bit about the damage caused by sanctions having sanctioned his own country with Brexit. Whether Russian oligarchs will be unduly inconvenienced by the sanctions is not clear to me because the same oligarchs have access and are users of the global laundromat in London, the numerous crown and other offshore tax havens and an industry that supports and enables the very rich in dodging taxes and hiding money.”

And from someone called Dominik Ostrowski:

“I think, very shortly. there's going to be a Ukrainian Government-in-exile.

It's necessary so the Ukraine can continue to command its armed forces - and work with Western Governments.

I think it will probably be in Poland.

A pity the UK government is too inept, stupid and slow to site it here - because whomever hosts becomes influential on a world stage.

And gain the long-term gratitude of the Ukrainian people, leading to very significant economic benefits. Almost none of which will come to the UK.”

I hope it doesn’t come to a government in exile. Is it too much to hope for that the UN might call a ceasefire so that peace talks of some mind can be held before too many people and killed and too many buildings damaged?

Here today the world is remarkably peaceful with blue sky and sunshine. I even thought briefly about hanging washing out in the garden but then decided that I would only end up hanging it all indoors to finish off, which would meaning hanging it twice. I reckon “pegging out” can wait a few more weeks!

Our eldest granddaughter is 24 and, like so many of her generation, seems to comment non-stop on her life, even if only in a family group chat, via her mobile phone. At the moment she is out and about with her father, who quite often takes her off to garden centres and the like at weekends. The latest bit of communication went like this:

Granddaughter: Just seen a really weird duck. Long red legs, black and white body, long red beak. 

Granddaughter again: RSPB birdidentifier app says oystercatcher.

Me: I didn’t think there were any oysters for them to catch around here. 

Granddaughter: Apparently they’re moving inland due to a shortage of oysters and cockles at the coast; they now eat worms in grasslands. 

Me: Having tried oysters, I must say that worms sound like a good alternative. Oysters are disgusting and filthsome.

Granddaughter: ‘Worms are not that bad’, my dad. 

Daughter: Has he tried them?

Granddaughter: Yes, apparently. Fried or something.

Me: Someone has been watching to many survival challenge TV programmes.

Daughter: 🤮 

We usually have more serious chat conversations than that. We are not totally frivolous. In fact we often set the world to rights. And goodness knows, it needs setting to rights at present.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone! 

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