Friday, 18 February 2022

Surviving Eunice!

On the whole I think we got off lightly from Storm Dudley’s visit, just a bit wet. So, hello Storm Eunice! You storms are coming along a little too frequently and certainly too close together! 

It seemed calm and quiet when I got up and prepared to run round the village. The sky was mostly blue with a fe clouds here and there but I put on my waterproof just in case! All was well until I reached the point where everything opens up near the cricket and bowling club, suddenly there was a side wind, pretty strong but not unmanageable! As I went down Hull Mill Lane, towards the old mill pond a bit of rain started. I decided to forego the path through the wooded valley bottom. It has rained so much lately that the puddles along the path have just joined up. So instead I ran through the housing estate as the rain decided to turn into hail, a host of sharp little ice balls that kept going until I got back home. 

By then I was nicely soaked but, hey!, a good warm shower was waiting for me. No problem!

Later in the morning, even though the rain and wind had gone up a gear, we ventured out to collect Phil’s new glasses from the optician’s in the town centre. I decided to take the opportunity to add to our old biddy bus passes the right to travel free on the trams. My records said I last did this in February of last year and I didn’t want to find myself having to pay full price on the trams because of a good forgettery. However, in the office at the bus station, laughingly called the Travel Shop, they told me that our passes were fine for the tram until the start of August. This is a covid benefit - they extended our tram passes! That’s what the Travel Shop told me. And there I was, thinking that not warning us when the £10 payment was due was a plot to trick us into having to pay for at least one tram ride! 

From the bus station I battled through the rain to the indoor market to buy light bulbs and then went and met Phil so that we could head for home. We opted to go back to the bus station to catch our bus. Two weeks back we spent about twenty minutes standing in the cold at the Mumps interchange waiting for a bus to come. It was just windy and cold that day but today it’s wet as well as windy. At least we would have shelter at the bus station. Or so we thought! All the doors have been removed, creating an open barn effect! A fellow sufferer explained to anyone interested that the doors have been removed because vandals kept breaking them. Maybe so!

It was cold but officially we only had a few minutes to wait. Those  minutes went by and no bus arrived. Another five, then ten went by and by now it was obvious our bus had been omitted! The next was twenty minutes away and we were getting colder by the minute. Fortunately our daughter had told us she was out and about having something done to her car and she was able to make a detour to pick us up. Hurrah!

And so we all came back to our house for coffee and toasted tea cakes. Then she went off to collect her five year old from school all of us vowing not to go out again today. 

And Storm Eunice is not even battering us as fiercely as she is attacking places in the south and west of the country. 

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone! 

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