Thursday, 3 February 2022

Thursday thoughts. What we are watching.

Another Thursday already. Another week hurtles towards its close. It has become a regular arrangement that our smallest grandchild is deposited here early in the morning, we potter about doing this and that until it seems fit to bundle him into his buggy and walk to the coop store in the village. 

This morning we were joined by his older sister half way through the morning. She had already done a two-hour stint handling phone calls for Transport for Greater Manchester and then caught the bus over to our house. This gave her the chance to criticise the transport system as the buses definitely did not keep to their allocated times. Maybe she should phone herself and complain! 

She has become quite an expert on the clean air zone problems foisted upon Manchester by the government and stands up for Andy Burnham against Boris Johnson. Who would have guessed 12 months back that she would become so determined?

Here’s a link to the top twenty films of Truffaut, many of which we have watched several times over. Maybe it’s time we rewatched the best of them. 

We are currently watching an apparently interminable Spanish series, “La Reina del Sur”, about drug runners, set this time on the Costa del Sol instead of Galicia, as are several,other storylines we have followed. The eponymous Queen of the South does have drug running rivals in Galicia, however, among the various enemies she manages to make. The Galicians often speak Gallego, leading to double subtitles, Gallego to Spanish for Spanish watchers and then English for English viewers. I keep forgetting that most Spaniards find Gallego incomprehensible.   

The series is based on a novel by Reverte. It must be a big book. We are already on episode 46 and the end does not seem to be in sight. Perhaps like the South American “culebrones” (soap operas) of old, it will go on for ever. 

It’s very odd watching something like this and seeing how the viewers’ sympathies are manipulated. As with Walter White in “Breaking Bad”, we know that Teresa Mendoza is a law breaker and that she orders the killing of her rivals and yet there we are rooting for her against the machinations of the very unlikeable law officers. Curious stuff!

I suppose it stops us worrying about the wrong doings of real people!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!  

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