Thursday, 28 June 2012


Today the intrepid explorers set out to investigate the promontory just at the end of the Paseo MarĂ­timo, the headland that divides Sanxenxo proper from Portonovo. Mostly it’s a very civilised little park area, with a playground for children and absolutely masses of hydrangea bushes. This part of Spain could be the world hydrangea capital; there are so many beautiful specimens in a whole range of colours. 

So we walked along the path past the oh-so-beautiful hydrangeas, under the trees and up to a point where we had to decide between following the path round and then taking the road and the boardwalk to Portonovo or scaling the rocks around the rest of the headland and getting through that way. 

As the tide was part way out we opted for the latter course. All went well, even if it was a little steep for me as my legs are shorter than the other intrepid explorer’s. It looked as if we were going to get through to Portonovo without problem. 

And then we reached a place where it was clear that the way down had suffered from erosion and slippage, leaving a rather too steep descent into Portonovo bay. What’s more we appeared to be in somebody’s garden. Keeping to the edge of the garden as much as possible, we made our way past the empty – well, apart from a collection of dead leaves at the bottom – swimming pool and round to the front of the house. At the end of the drive was an impressive, and locked, gate. So we circled back round the house, looking for the front door. All the shutters on that side of the house were down. No-one there. It is probably somebody’s summer residence and a very nice one too, I must say. Maybe they’ve not started their holidays yet. That would explain the waterless, leaf-filled swimming pool. 

We still had to find a way out, however. We never like to go back the way we’ve come. Far too sedate an option. And besides, the rather steep climbing places (for the shorter-legged intrepid explorer) would be even harder to descend. Eventually we found a break in a fence where you could sit at the top and kind of launch yourself into the not too huge drop down to the next level. This we did and prepared to continue on our walk. 

It was then that I noticed that my intrepid explorer companion must have caught his shorts on something sharp and now had a neat L-shaped tear in them. Some adjustment of dress was necessary to ensure decency was maintained and we made our way back to the hotel by the shortest route possible. 

 There this intrepid explorer had to turn herself into a seamstress and do some running repairs. It’s a good job I am a blogger of many skills. It’s a good job I bought a sewing kit from the Chinese bazaar across the road as well!!

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