Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Seasons. Markets. Trials and tribulations of royal folk.

Well, the weather has taken the predicted turn for the worst. We’ve taken a backwards step … back into winter. So that seems to be spring out of the way. Maybe even summer! I took a look at the thin, sleety falling and decided that a cycle ride to Uppermill this morning was not really a good idea. So I put my big, warm, waterproof coat on, the one I had decided should probably be put away until next winter comes around, and set off to the market. 

I’ve never really understood the idea of putting clothes away because they are out of season, having a specific summer wardrobe and winter wardrobe. That’s how you end up in a flimsy frock on a chilly and windy day. Our seasons aren’t sufficiently defined to merit specific wardrobes. You just have to get used to wearing layers so that of he day warms up you can remove a layer or two.

The market was pretty feeble - just the fish man and the fruit and veg man. The cheese and biscuits lady, Jenny, has difficulty setting up her stall at the moment and the man who sells slippers probably decided it wasn’t worth setting his tables up, only to spend most of the morning covering and uncovering his wares. But it made a rather poos show this morning! I hope it’s not about to disappear. 

The royal family continues to have a bad time, it seems. William and Kate went off on a tour intended to promote the firm and ended up being criticised left, right and centre. There seemed to be nothing personal in this. The couple make a pretty pair and were cheered by crowd but there was also a lot of determination on the part os the bits of the Caribbean they visited to point out that they want to be totally independent - no more queen! - and to remind the royal family if its part in the slave trade. I suspect any family with long standing wealth must have connections to the slave trade. It’s how a good deal of money was made back then. 

One article I read mentioned the fact that royal families have to be seen to be believed. Henry VIII was reputedly bow-legged from riding his horse all over the place to let people know he was still alive, which was something kings had to do before television was around to publicise them. But it may be that our royal family is losing its glamour. This appeared in one report: 

“even William, on whom with his wife and children so many hopes of monarchists rest, is not as glamorous as was once made out. “He’s just another middle-aged bald bloke in a suit,” as one cameraman once said to me.”

Is he really middle-aged? He’s younger than my offspring and I don’t consider them middle-aged!

We can be reassured about the queen, however. She managed to turn up for the thanksgiving service in memory of the the Duke of Edinburgh. It was supposed to be a family affair but it still got s lot of press. Maybe royalists do need reassurance that the 95 year old is still around. But even those reports were tinged with some criticism - not of her majesty, of course, but of the role played by Andrew. Is he being re-assimilated into the family business? Or was he just helping his aged mother? But apparently Charles and William were giving him dirty looks. Maybe they believe the rumours of Andrew being her favourite child and arebresentful. 

Anyway, it’s all nonsense, taking our attention away from other matters. Bread and circuses! And all that sort of thing. I sometimes wonder how Kate really feels about what she has got herself into. Does she ever think she might really like to be an ordinary, fully hands-on mum? Or does she like the idea of one day being queen. We’ll never know the truth of that one. 

Just like party gate! And why Johnson has that stupid hair!

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone! 

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