Monday, 7 March 2022

Bleak conditions. And optimism.

I’m reading reports of Ukrainians arriving at Calais, having endured pretty cold conditions to get there, only to be told that they are not allowed into the UK after all. So much for our kind, caring country. So much for politicians who stand up and express their sorrow for what is happening in Ukraine and saying that their thoughts are with the people who are fleeing the chaos! It makes you ashamed to be even remotely connected with them. There are reports of only 50 visas having been granted so far. According to the radio news, this is untrue, or at least Mr Johnson says it’s untrue, but it seems that nobody is prepared to say how many visas have actually been granted. 

Covid, of course, is now off the agenda. We hear very little about it but people are still going to hospital and some are still dying. But it seems to be old news. And I wonder how the people fleeing from Ukraine are coping with Covid on top of everything else.

Another thing that has disappeared apparently is partygate. The cynics are saying that this war has been a tremendous dead cat for our Mr Johnson. Yesterday I deliberately did not listen to the Archbishop of Canterbury interviewing Tony Blair on BBC Radio 4. I didn’t want to hear him justifying decisions he took about war. Apparently the archbishop challenged him on how he handles feelings of guilt, to which Mr Blair is said to have replied that his faith helped him cope with knowing people disliked him. I am, of course, going by brief reports of the interview so I don’t know what he actually said but that doesn’t sound me to as though he answered the question. But then, I have grown used to hearing politicians not answering questions, or answering a completely different question, one they like better. "I had to do what I thought was the right thing," Mr Blair said. He said the decisions he took were complicated and warned people not to trust politicians who told them "simple slogans". Okay!

I wonder if at some time in the future Mr Johnson will answer questions about how he took his decisions. 

It’s a good job I am not a pessimist! According to this article  we optimists live longer! My sunny disposition will maybe see me through. 


I commented recently on my five year-old granddaughter believing I was born in the middle ages. Yesterday her older sister showed her this photo of a Russian palace and told her it was built in the 1550s. Quick as a flash, the little monkey told her, “Oh, when Grandma was a baby!” When everyone laughed, she innocently corrected herself with, “Oh, I thought you said the 1950s!” Innocent, my eye! For five years old she is very smart and knowing!

My optimism has me hanging washing on the line in the garden again. Now that I have started doing this, despite the cold, I shall continue to do so whenever it’s not raining. The sun keeps trying to shine. Yesterday and the day before were bright and crisp, even though still chilly. Spring is on the way. I’ll be working in garden before long.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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