Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Continuing chaos. And artistic finds.

Chaos continues. More of the dirty stuff seems to be hitting the fan! The Supreme Court rules that Mr Johnson should not have prorogued parliament. In fact he was acting illegally. There was some question about whether the Supreme Court had any jurisdiction over this but that seems to have dismissed as yet another bit of nonsense. So what happens now? Mr Bercow says Parliament should reconvene at once, Mr Johnson is out of the country. Oh Boy!

Just Now on the radio I heard Mr Johnson blustering about how he will now just get on with delivering Brexit by October 31st. I suppose his expensive education makes him respond well to adverse decisions!

Meanwhile Operation Something-or-Other is going on to bring Thomas Cook customers home from faraway places. Some of those customers have complain about delays at some airports, according to the radio news just now. Well, really! How ungrateful! They should think themselves lucky to have been rescued if you ask me.

Large parts of the country are under threat of flooding today. It sounds as though the country is seriously going to the dogs. We were caught in the beginnings of that predicted downpour yesterday. My daughter and I had planned a walk during a window of fine weather, aiming to be back to her house before the rain came. However, having a small baby who needed feeding on demand rather slowed down our progress and so we set off in sunshine but during the return trip I found myself sloshing through puddles in sandals. Fortunately I did have a raincoat with me so it was only my feet that got wet.

Things are going a lot better for a Frenchwoman who has discovered she has a valuable old painting hanging in her kitchen. “ An early Renaissance masterpiece by the great Florentine painter Cimabue has been discovered in a kitchen in a town near Paris, art experts have said. Christ Mocked, by the 13th-century artist who taught Giotto, is estimated to be worth between €4m and €6m (£3.5m to £5.3m), according to the old masters specialists Turquin.

They said the work was owned by a woman in the northern French town of Compi├Ęgne, who had it hanging between her kitchen and her sitting room. It was directly above a hotplate for cooking food.” 

Imagine the splashing that could have gone on in that kitchen messing up such a valuable thing.

Another piece of work in today’s news is a Caravaggio held by mafia bosses in Palermo. Apparently they sent a strip of canvas from the painting together with a ransom note, as they might send a finger or sn ear from a human hostage.

Rather gruesome really!

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