Thursday, 11 April 2019

Scientific achievement. Political non-achievement. Families.

According to this article, a black hole has been photographed for the first time. Well, okay! A photographic and scientific achievement! An achievement which has had a lot of use already as loads of people have photoshopped the image in order to suggest that it is the first picture taken of Brexit! 

Theresa May has got herself an extension in which to negotiate Brexit, an extension to the end of October, provoking lots of jokes about the Halloween Brexit. Also provoking a lot of anger amongst the extreme Brexiteers in her party. There are also calls for her to step down as Prime Minister, presumably to give other people a chance to further make a mess of things.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine is jumping up and down with delight. She regards every delay as a further chance that Article 50 will be revoked.

We shall see.

I begin to suspect that the news people are trying to divert us with stories about the alleged rift between the Cambridge household and the Sussex household. Apparently there is conflict between William, Kate and offspring on the one hand and Harry and Meghan and bump on the other. Even the Guardian has an article about it.

How do they know this? All right, it must be easy to discover the planned independent household but why must this be interpreted as a “riftl? Apart from the fact that it makes good press!

And Meghan in particular is alternately praised and welcomed with open arms for “breathing a breath of fresh air into the royal family” and vilified for not giving in totally to the Windsor family rules, and especially for things like not wanting to give birth in the same expensive hospital as Kate, not to mention dead mother-in-law Diana!

Personally I can understand Harry and Meghan wanting their own household. It must be intrusive enough having a host of staff and security men around all the time. Hardly a private life for newly-weds, let alone having to share the (admittedly very roomy) house with your in-laws and their children. I am very fond of my two sisters but this does not mean that I would want to share a house with them, even if it were a huge house with staff to deal with all the cooking and cleaning.

Indeed, for the last week we have had first one of my sisters and then some old friends to stay and while this has been very pleasant, it is equally pleasant to get the place back to ourselves once again. 

So this morning, having said farewell and bon voyage to the old friends, I took myself off for a run, admired the view and wondered at the icicles which had appeared overnight alongside the stream in a shady place in the valley.

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