Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Making a mess of things!

Someone in our village had the bright idea of putting up a notice on the bridle path reminding people to pick up their doggy do-dos. It told them that there is no Pooh Fairy around here. And then they cleverly adapted old plastic bottles into containers for pooh bags in case people had forgotten to bring heir own. Unfortunately in some cases they labelled these containers “Dirty Pooh Bags”, which some people have interpreted as an invitation to leave their little bags of pooh hanging from the fence post. This leads to a huge mess! Such things happen when labels are ambiguous! And when dog owners are deliberately obtuse!

 Theresa May is off to Brussels again today to talk to the EU about a Brexit extension. And so it rumbles on and on. This German journalist thinks that the queen should step in to sort out the mess.

“In my view”, she says, “there is only one solution: Her Majesty, the Queen must take back control. If there is someone who still reacts in the most difficult situations with dignity and decency, it is Queen Elizabeth II. I mean, this is the woman who survived Hitler and his V2s, the Great Smog, the “winter of discontent” and all the other trials and tribulations of her kingdom over the last nine decades. Surely, some well-placed words from her and this whole mess can be resolved.”

At the moment that solution seems almost as likely as Mrs May has of sorting out her deal! Now for something completely different.

Here is a link to a story about a man who had a huge shark sculpture put on his roof. This could lead to another verse of the “Baby Shark” song.

A big crisis going on at the moment is the future of Debenham’s, the big store. They are likely to close stores all over the place. Manchester’s Market Street would lose a huge landmark and our local shopping centre in Oldham would be left seriously empty.

We don’t need Brexit. We seem able to mess the country up all on our own!

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