Saturday, 20 April 2019

Jetting around the world to save the world!

We’ve been having a bit of a heatwave, courtesy no doubt of global warming. Mind you, we also had a bit of mini heatwave at this time of year 39 years ago when I was waiting for the (almost two weeks late) arrival of my daughter whose birthday is next Wednesday. This global warming stuff has been going on for a long time! And the young people have decided that it has gone on long enough and have been protesting all over the place. Good for them!

The actress Emma Thompson flew from Los Angeles to London to join the Extinction Rebellion protests. She should consider herself lucky to have been able to use the airport. The protesters might have closed it down. It is just a tad odd to fly all that way and then say we should be flying less so that we can preserve the planet. I understand she probably felt her presence would add some weight to the protest but could she not have organised a video conference instead?

(I read that she is sixty now. How did that happen? I remember when she was a bright young thing, a rising star, and now she is a dame!)

According to some survey or other, eight in ten consumers in the UK are trying to reduce plastic waste. Half of us would be prepared to pay higher prices for eco-friendly packaging. Of course, it depends on how much more they expect us to pay.

The Saturday Guardian packages its extra bits - TV Guide, review magazine and so on - in what looks like plastic but is actually made from recycled potatoes, or something of that kind. They remind you not to put it in your plastic recycling but to out it with your compostable waste. Which seems like an odd thing but I suppose it works.

It’s quite hard to avoid plastic packaging when you buy food. At the fruit and veg stall at the market today I had to stop the stall-holder putting my various fruits into individual plastic bags and then into a plastic carrier. I just wanted them to go straight into my rucksack. I won that battle. However, courgettes were only available in pre-packed bags. You win some, you lose some! The parsnips just went in loose though!

Policemen have been criticised for dancing to the music along with the protesters! It must be hard to keep yourself really serious when a protest looks to be quite fun. But a fair few people have been arrested.

I don’t think they arrested Dame Emma though!

Someone else who has been whizzing around the world is Michelle Obama, busily promoting her memoir, “Becoming”. This article gives us the lowdown of what the former First Lady has been wearing on her tour. I wonder if the same attention would be paid to the sartorial elegance of her husband if he were going around promoting a book.

 Just thinking aloud!

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