Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tuesday stuff!

Today we received our first Christmas card on 2016. I was about to say that someone was being really efficient - which is, in fact, true - but then it struck me that there are only five weeks to go. Oops! Need to get organised!

In reality, I have been slowly amassing gifts for members of the family. Now I need to sort them or I will end up giving one or two people masses of things and others nothing at all. This Christmas stuff can be hard work.

Manchester is full of Christmas markets. I am quite glad I do not work there as I would already be rather tired of Christmas songs by now.

As regards more serious matters, I hear there have been suggestions that Nigel Farage should be the UK's ambassador to the United States. Fortunately, this idea has apparently been rejected by Theresa May. How nice to see her doing something right. It must, however, have been a little insulting to whoever is really our ambassador in the US. Mind you, I wonder whether the Americans really believe he is such an important person in the UK. I did hear him described as the leader of the opposition. It's strange how opinions of people can almost be created in this way.

After the stormy weather of yesterday, today has been quite calm and quiet. Our local bus service was severely disrupted this morning by flooding at various points along the route, leading to buses at our end all being very late or not turning up at all. We have no need of water features as the puddles have joined together to form what is almost a lake, a river runs down the road and various grids, instead of taking water in and away, are spurting water out in small fountains.

Apart from that, all appears to be well.

We are simply back to end-of-November grey and gloomy! That's all!

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