Sunday, 1 August 2021

Chilly here. Too wildfire hot in some parts of Southern Europe. Our odd critical society.

So it’s the first day of August and Phil has switched the central heating on. It’s not really all that cold but that’s how it goes. The weather forecast I’ve just heard on the radio suggests little improvement during the coming week. 

My Italian friend has escaped to her native Sicily for the rest of the summer. According to this article, which is mostly concentrating on wildfires in Turkey, there are also dangerous wildfires in Sicily. This may be more heat than my Italian friend was looking for. 

Other parts of Europe are suffering as well. We need to get our act together worldwide, it seems to me, of we don’t want things to continue in this manner.

This morning I listened to Nazir Afzal on Desert Island Discs. Wikipedia tells me the following:-

“Nazir Afzal is a British solicitor with experience in the legal areas of child sexual exploitation and violence against women. He is a practising Muslim, with outspoken views in favour of women's rights and against forced marriage, female genital mutilation and honour killings. Afzal spent most of his career in the Crown Prosecution Service, rising to be Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England in 2011, a role he held until leaving the CPS in 2015.”

During his conversation with Lauren Laverne they discussed his involvement in the case of young girls being groomed for sexual purposes in Rochdale. Apparently after the case was concluded he received all sorts of abuse, both online and actual physically threatening situations from right wing extremists. The family got used to having to use a panic button in their home. Even his children learnt to do this. They also had to go to school by taxi for several months. This was because an element of white society could not accept that a brown man was responsible for bringing other brown men to justice, which is more or less how he expressed it.

There is something wrong with our society.

Checking the spelling of Lauren Laverne’s name I discovered that when she was appointed to present Desert Island Discs, an article appeared in The Spectator to the effect that Desert Island Discs was “losing the plot”. Presumably this was because she is young and has been involved with pop music. Writer Kate Chisholm called the presenter “lightweight and uncerebral”, claiming the show had become “more politically correct” during her tenure. 

“Her capacity to come up with the forgettable phrase is quite something,” Kate Chisholm added. 

Fans came to the defence of Lauren Laverne. Here are a couple of examples:

“Finally found the hill that I'm prepared to die on, Lauren Laverneis an excellent interviewer and obviously highly intelligent.  Anyone that can get a warm interview out of Lou Reed is worth their weight in gold.  What a bitchy snobbish article.”

“Hey Lauren Laverne I’m running a campaign challenging BBC on their erasure of middle aged women & their misguided, exclusionary need to attract audiences under 35 at the BBC. I think you’re PERFECT on desert island discs. That writer wants you replaced by a 71 year old bloke? “


What an odd society we live in. She seems perfectly fine to me.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone!

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