Friday, 18 October 2019

Stars of one kind and another!

It’s a fine and sunny day in Chesham. Well, at any rate, a fine and sunny morning. Will it last? We shall see. Fine weather has been forecast for the weekend so we are at least in with a chance.

At my son’s house I sleep in the spare bedroom, which the rest of the time is the office. Some time in the night the laptop in the room decided to start flashing a small green light on the side, just bright enough to make it feel rather like sleeping in a disco. I had already rigged up a barrier around the server for the main computer which has a fine array of coloured lights of its own. So this morning I have given in and bought myself a sleeping mask. As a rule I do not like sleeping in such things but needs must ... etc.

We got up this morning and walked the small girl down to school, where we went to the assembly and watched as she received a superstar award for being a consistent role-model to everyone in her class. Wow! The school seems to have a policy of awarding as many children as possible with superstar status. Splendid!

Then we continued our walk into town and had coffee before my son and his wife scuttled off to the tube station. By now they will be on the Eurostar, Paris-bound. I read that Eurostar has had its busiest August ever. People are looking for an alternative to flying, it seems. Of course, for those of us who live in the North of England, we would have to make our way South to travel on this more eco-friendly fashion.

And then, we don’t quite know what the future of Eurostar is if Mr Johnson’s deal goes through. Will it be affected by our not being in the EU? I wonder!

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