Wednesday, 16 October 2019

On the move with a SL-O-O-OW Virgin Trains internet connection!

Here I am, off on my travels again, this time headed for London and eventually Chesham where I shall babysit over the weekend, while our son takes his wife for a belated birthday celebration in Pais. The last of the great romantics!!!

 I was up bright and early. It was too wet to run, and besides I had set quite a strict schedule for myself involving washing and drying my hair, having some breakfast and getting out of the house in time for a stop off at the library to return a library book. I returned some yesterday but this one was unfinished until last night. I suppose I could have taken all of them today but I was unsure of how much time I would have. And besides, library books are often hard back and I already have a rucksack and a bag of stuff various members of the family have asked me to take for my small granddaughter.

 So, despite the slight delay at the tram-stop in central Oldham - they had had mechanical problems earlier and were “experiencing delays” - this did not stop there being five trams going in the opposite direction in the time I waited for mine to Manchester - I managed to do my library visit, pop into Boots the Chemist in Manchester and get on my train in plenty of time.

 According to the seat indicators there should be someone in the seat next to mine, booked apparently from Manchester to London, but nobody showed. Maybe I can move to the window seat and get my knitting out.

 This visit is on a tight schedule. I return to Manchester on Monday and we set off for Portugal on Tuesday. Goodness! Will there be time to wash socks and undies before I pack another bag? By the time we return from Portugal, the 31st of October will have gone by. Will we return as European citizens or simply as British? Goodness only knows.

 Our son has had to renew his passport before his romantic weekend away. He tells me he still has a burgundy passport. Blue has not yet made its way in. However, all mention of the European Union has been expunged. He is rather sad about that. If the unexpected happens and article 50 is revoked, will he be able to add the European Union to his passport?

 We shall see!

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