Monday, 4 August 2014


So, Saturday evening we went along to the Mid Century Cafe where we had been promised a bit of a fiesta, with 50s/60s music and someone from the dance school who might teach people how to do the Lindy Hop (is that the same as jive?). On the tables were leaflets, promising us that we would see Fantasía and Orgía. Hmmmm? Somehow that did not bode well. 

However, the young lady who runs the place told us excitedly that they had a dj and everything; her expression: ¡tenemos dj y todo" People started turning up. Our €2 apiece was collected and the place was filling up. Our €2 each had been collected by two young ladies, dressed in what I suppose is called a basque, a scanty-looking sort of corset affair, and fishnet stockings. Each had a fluorescent pink wig, different shades of pink but both bright. 

After pocketing our money, they introduced themselves. The taller one, with the paler pink wig, was Fantasía, while the shorter, dumpier one, with the very loud voice, was Orgía. I thought, indeed hoped briefly, that they might be some kind of stand-up comedy routine. Unfortunately not. It soon became evident that they wanted to talk, or in Orgía's case shout, about sex, possibly even sex toys, in a rather unsubtle, indeed rather loud, way. 

It was neither funny nor informative. We soon decided that they were selling sex aids, female orientated sex aids, on party plan. Not Tupperware but Tuppersex. 

No one on the "audience" seemed amused or particularly entertained by what Fantasía and Orgía were telling us. Most looked a little bored. I was certainly pretty soon fed up of translating for our friends and gave up. 

The people on the next table paid up and went. We left soon after, feeling cheated of our Lindy Hop demonstration and wondering how we could face the charming young lady who runs the place next time we go in. 

For all the world it reminded me of a "daring" show were taken to at a club in Murcia back in the sixties when we were students. Well, I suppose that was in keeping with the Mid Century mood. 

Not what we paid our €2 for. Not what we had been led to believe was going to be going on. So we made our way homeward. 

An interesting, if rather unexpected, evening.

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