Thursday, 28 August 2014

Some silly stories.

Last night we called in for a drink and use of internet at the "orgy" cafe. That is not its true name but ever since we accidentally found ourselves at a performance by a seriously unfunny, would-be sexy pair calling themselves "Orgía y Fantasía" that has been how we refer to it. 

It's really called Mid Century and its unique selling point is the excellent music from the mid 20th century that they play there. Added to that, the music is never too loud and although there is a TV screen it doesn't have a rolling programme of news that you can never quite hear. Neither does it have a series of too-loud pop music videos that are almost pornographic. If the screen is on, it usually has a bunch of people jiving or doing the twist or possible a performer from the same era a the music being played. Rarely, however, do the music being played and the onscreen display actually match up. But that doesn't seem to matter. And the decor is fresh and bright as well. 

The young lady who runs it usually dresses almost 1950s / 1960s style. Hair in a ginger pony tail, what she really needs to complete the look is to wear roller skates as they do in some American cafés. They would have to be roller skates, 1950s style, not the modern roller blades, even though I am told these are easier to use. 

Mid Century girl works hard to promote her cafe. As well as the rather odd "Orgía y Fantasía", to my knowledge she has put on concerts by local (I presume) groups and this weekend she has a Magic Workshop. So if you want to hone up your skills at putting a hex on someone or just doing card tricks, that is the place to go on Saturday night. 

When we arrived last night Mid Century girl commiserated with me for arriving in sandals in the rain, pointing out that she was also wearing sandals. Both of us had dressed for the sunshine that was around earlier in the day. Mind you I did have my just-in-case bright pink umbrella with me. Just as well! 

We were escaping from a noisy chess club, full of over-excited children. They had been meant to be having a chess camp down at Samil, at the far end of Vigo, with chess on the beach and other such fun. Then the weather had turned bad in the late afternoon to early evening and they had to abandon the plans and cram everyone indoors. So there we were, in the orgy cafe reading newspapers online. 

Now, August always used to be the silly season for news. So here is a collection of silly stories, gleaned from newspapers here and there. 

From La Voz de Galicia I learnt that a female panda in a the Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre in Chengdu, China, pretended to be pregnant in order to get extra rations, a private room and air conditioning. Who knew pandas were so clever??? 

Buñol has had it's tomatina festival, where 125 toms of tomatoes were thrown around. People from as far afield as Australia and Japan joined in the fun!!! I have never understood food fights and especially the idea of throwing tomatoes at each other. Ripe ones burst and the juice stings your eyes. Unripe ones hurt! Madness! 

An Italian politician, from Liga Nord, who called another politician, of Congolese origin, an orang-utan says it's because the father of the second politician put a curse on him. He reckons all sorts of bad things have happened to him, including his mouth running off in racist drivel. He has apologised and asked for the curse to be lifted!! Do people still believe in such things? Maybe he should attend Saturday's Magic Workshop. 

The Guardia Civil in some place in Andalucía discovered that someone had converted the bullring into a marijuana factory, growing the plants, drying the leaves and so on. They also found another smaller "factory" nearby. Inevitably, some British people were involved!!! 

 A Banksy graffito, Mobile Lovers, has sold for £403,000, enabling the Broad Plain Boys Club in Bristol to stay open for a bit longer. The mural, showing a man and woman embracing while each looks at their mobile phone over the other's shoulder, was on the wall of the club. They managed to take it inside, charged people to see it and were threatened with police action for doing so. But Banksy said they could have it and do what they liked with it. So they sold it. Good for them! 

That's all, folks!!!

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