Saturday, 9 August 2014

And the fun begins.

Saturday morning brought the sights and sounds of preparations for Pontevedra's week of fun and games. Today has the serious bit, a speech made from the balcony in one of the squares and a procession to the Peregrina. From quite early in the morning you could see ladies rushing around with bunches of flowers, getting ready for the procession. Later in the morning you saw them again, in their Sunday best or, in some cases, in traditional dress. 

The brass band playing before the speeches were made was one of the most impressive I've seen in Spain. On the whole, town bands here tend to be a bit tinny and scrappy. This was very professional both standing still and later marching. Lots of brownie points for them. It could have held ts own in the Saddleworth Whit Friday band contest.

When I see festivities around Saddleworth, where we live in the UK, it's usually the morris dancers, all male of course, who wear the flowery hats. Here it was ladies in traditional Galician dress. All very stately. They do formal processions very well here. 

 A fair number of children were dressed traditionally as well, even one or two little girls still too small to walk. When you think about it children have an easier life these days. It must have been very uncomfortable to be a child of the bourgeoisie and be dressed up to go out in all those layers. 

In the midst of all of this stuff, as we were walking around the town, on one of the quieter streets we had to stand back to let a bunch of cyclists go by. The lead cyclist had his phone in his hand, held high in the air, videoing his descent of the street. At least he was ringing his bell. I wonder if his sound track also includes curses from pedestrians he almost knocked down! 

There was dancing in Plaza de Verduras at lunchtime. One elderly lady was swirling away to the music of the Gaita band, reminding me once again of Scottish dancing. Others joined I later in more sedate waltzes. All good stuff. 

It threatened rain earlier and many people walking around have had their umbrellas with them. The sky has been distinctly "lowering", as they say, as well. But the rain managed to keep off for the procession which is a big plus. 

Let's hope it keeps off for the rest of the festivities for them. 

There will be fireworks at midnight!!!

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