Monday, 18 August 2014

After the event.

It's very quiet at our place now. We packed the boys off to Oporto yesterday to catch their plane back to the UK, after a flurry of suitcase weighing and adjustment of what was being carried where. 

 Coming back from the bus station where we saw them off, we stopped at what has been one of our regular wifi cafés for a long time, only to find that its wifi is still not working. That's at least a month now that they have been disconnected. Not good enough. Must try harder. So we read the newspapers, proper printed-on-paper newspapers, instead. 

La Voz de Galicia had a report about the plague of wasps that is afflicting the region. In a place called Cuntis an 80 year old woman died from stings from these nasty insects. Apparently they are not ordinary wasps but "avispas asiáticas", although I am not sure how you tell the difference. Perhaps these immigrant wasps are extra aggressive. Who knows? Whatever the truth of the matter, I got off lightly with my wasp sting in Pontevedra. 

There are also problems on the Rande Bridge, already acknowledged to be too narrow for the amount of traffic using it nowadays, and on the road to the seaside resort of Sanxenxo. A bridge and a beach too far? Or at least too many people using the bridge to get to the beach. 

I note that President Rajoy is promoting exercise and a healthy life style by running on the Ruta da Pedra e da Auga, near to where he is spending his holiday, accompanied by triathlete José Ramón Lete Lasa, accompanied on his run not his holiday, that is. I hope he manages to keep up with the triathlete. I also hope he runs at a sensible time of day, such as the early morning before it gets too hot. I am still surprised to see occasional runners at the hottest point of the day. It must be rather dangerous to run in temperatures close to 30 degrees!!! 

That's the end of the news round-up for today. 

 As usual I could be found cooling off down in the pool early yesterday evening. The officious pool "supervisor" was at his most efficient then, clipboard, at the ready, taking note of which flat everyone came from. Perhaps he wanted to impress as there were quite a few people there. On Saturday when I went down to the pool with the chess boys he merely waved us through, only checking that they were with me. But there were very few people there so, obviously, there was less call to impress. That's my current theory anyway. Or, of course, when I went down yesterday it was later and he had had time to get bored. So perhaps he just needed to give himself something to do. 

Today we get back to something like normal, after a few weeks of being busy with organising stuff. Whatever will we do to fill our time?

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