Saturday, 2 August 2014

Manners. Weather.

At the bus station yesterday, waiting for friends to arrive from Oporto, I saw a few examples of excellent Spanish behaviour. First there were the people sitting at the bottom of the steps down to the bus bays. There were not many of them but they were nicely spread out over the last few steps so that it was difficult to get past them. Splendid! 

Then there was the lack of information about the bus coming in. It was late and so it had slipped off the arrivals board. Since it's due time had gone by, it ceased to exist on the computer driven screens. 

Best of all was the chap on the up escalator. He had a kitbag over his shoulder, another bag in one hand and a coat over his arm. When he reached the top of the escalator he just dumped everything to rearrange himself. Of course, those of us who were following him up found ourselves kind of spat off the top of the escalator, straight into his backside. I don't think my Spanish at that point was at its most courteous. 

Finally our friends arrived. The bus had set off late from Oporto and then had been stuck behind a lorry. However, they arrived safe and sound and we found a taxi to take us to our flat. 

Unfortunately the weather was on the change, much cooler than it has been for weeks. This did not stop us heading out for a drink and tapas later in the evening. All good stuff. 

This morning the cloud has come down properly. I woke to the sound of cars swishing along on wet roads. Not good! So, no swimming pool today and we needed to rethink our plans. All of the planned walks to local beauty spots lose their point somewhat when there's view because of the cloud. It got better later, with a bit of sunshine. 

My weather witch breadshop lady tells me it might get better again tomorrow, or at least it'll probably not be raining. 

We shall see.

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