Thursday, 30 June 2022

Some thoughts about the NHS, corruption, defence spending and Net Zero.

Two years ago, in the midst of the pandemic lockdown our small grandson (u months old at the time) was taken very ill with a mystery ailment, something they thought might be a post covid thing and then decided was something akin to Kawasaki disease. He ended up in Manchester children’s hospital where they tried a range of treatments and eventually decided he was well enough to go home. Traumatic for the whole family.

This week our daughter took him for a check-up and heart scan at the children’s hospital. The doctor who had given him his first heart scan when he was a tiny helpless little bundle came specially to see how the little chap was doing. He has done this every time they have taken the little one for a check-up. Possibly a bit of professional interest, but also a lot of human interest. That’s what medical attention should be like. That’s what the National Health Service should be like. It was a bit like going back in time to a kinder period in our history, when general practitioners did home visits. Our hospitals should be fully staffed so that all doctors can take that kind of interest in their patients. 

Instead it seems that privatisation by stealth is underway. And even private practice is having difficulties. A friend of mine needs a hip replacement. She could have to wait eight months under the NHS but even if she decides to pay for private treatment she will to wait about four months.  Nothing to do with Brexit, of course!

The little chap, by the way, proudly told the specialist, “I have a big strong heart”. And certainly, to see him rampage round the local park this morning you would never think there had ever been anything wrong with him. He doesn’t need to go for another check-up for two years now. 

Money and possible corruption go together to make good copy. The royal family has been in the news again with stories of Prince Charles accepting large gifts of cash from dubious sources. Now his people are explaining that it was all sort of above board and that it all went into his charity organisations. I’m pretty sure HRH did not pocket any of it - at least I hope not! But surely it would have been possible to make an announcement at the time instead of hoping it would all go unnoticed. As it did for several years. A sort of open book policy would be a good idea. But now they say it won’t happen again! I should think not. Her Majesty must be spitting feathers again! 

There’s going to have to be a formal inquiry too into the charity set up by Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family. There he was, a grand old gent walking up and down his drive and having sponsorship money pouring in to help out the NHS.  What a fine upstanding man, even if he needed his walking frame to keep him upright! But now it seems that Captain Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, and her husband, Colin, may have profited by trademarking the “Captain Tom” brand. And the Charity Commission revealed that it had stepped in last year to prevent Hannah Ingram-Moore, a trustee of the charity, from being appointed as its chief executive on a six-figure salary. Oh dear! He must be spinning in his grave. 

I still find greed quite incomprehensible. Why does anyone need a six-figure salary? There are surely only so many things a person can buy!

Today I heard in the news that our government wants to step up defence spending. We need more soldiers and sailors and airmen. A defence spokesman explained how good it will be for the country: the new recruits will receive training, many of them will turn into entrepreneurs later in life and the arms industry is good for all of us! Hmm!

In the meantime, we still need to work on achieving Net Zero, but American courts say Biden does not have the power to tell governors of states to reduce their toxic emissions! Mixed up thinking! 

That’s enough for today.

Life goes on. Stay safe and well, everyone! 

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