Thursday, 10 May 2018

Unusual things.

I saw a photo of Donald Trump holding up the presidential order taking the USA out of the Iran nuclear deal. A number of things struck me, not least they sheer SIZE of his signature. However long does it take to sign his name? How much practice has he needed to perfect that art? Is it customary for world leaders to have a HUGE signature? Is it customary for American presidents to have their photos taken with presidential orders? The mind boggles.

It’s a good job that most people pay for things by card these days rather than writing cheques. Donald Trump would need cheques the size of the ones they use for making big public donations to good causes. A normal sized cheques would have no room for his signature!

No comments on the havoc caused by his withdrawing from the Iran deal. Apart from the reflection that he seems intent on undoing anything that his predecessor achieved. Ho hum! 

I also read that Irn-Bru has been banned from Trump’s golf club in Scotland. Why ban a perfectLy harmless drink? Even if it is not, after all, made from girders but just full of artificial colour to make it look rusty. That’s the problem. Apparently the colourants in the drink are really bad and if the stuff is spilt on carpets it is really hard to remove the stain. So a man who often looks orange doesn’t want orange stains on his carpets. The manager who runs the place for him said that replacing the carpets in the ballroom alone would cost £500,000! Wow! What are the carpets made of? How big is the ballroom? Is it usual for ballrooms to be carpeted?

I would have thought that a nice wooden floor would be better for dancing on. Surely you can’t do any nice, slidey steps on a carpeted surface. Of course, it may be that it isn’t often used for dancing but surely if someone hires the golf club (at what cost, I wonder) for a wedding, they will want to have a bit of a dance. It’s traditional, after all, for the father of the bride to dance with his daughter on her wedding day!

Then I read about events in another part of the world altogether. There was a headline about a bus exploding in Rome, Uh! Oh! I thought, is this a terrorist attack? But no, it wasn’t. The driver had smelt burning, realised something was wrong and stopped his bus, telling all the passengers to get off. And then the bus exploded. This is the ninth bus to burn in Rome since the beginning of the year. In fact, bus fires in Rome have become such a common occurrence that residents have begun documenting them by using the hashtag on Twitter #Flambus.

Nobody was hurt! Amazing! I shall not complain about our buses again - well, not for a while anyway.

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